Wednesday, November 15, 2017

2017.11.15 Hopewell @Home ▫ Genesis 6:9-22

Questions for Littles: Who was a just man (v9)? How is his life described at the end of v9? What was God’s view of the earth in v11-12? What did God give as the primary sin of man in v13? What does God tell Noah to do in v14? Where does Noah come up with the details for building the ark (15-16)? What is the Lord doing to the earth (v17)? But what is the Lord doing to Noah (v18)? And to whom else with Noah? What else does God tell Noah to bring in v19-20? And what in v21? How does Noah respond to God’s commands in v22? 
In this week’s Old Testament reading, we come to the building of the ark.

God has shown Noah grace (v8), and what did it produce? Righteousness and walking with God. Obedience and faith.

Both are critically necessary here, because God uses both literally to save Noah’s life. He has to trust the Lord’s Word. He has to follow the Lord’s directions.

God could supernaturally save Noah without his participation, but that is not how His grace operates.
He not only saves His people; He gives them the privilege of being used in His salvation of others; He makes covenant with them and those who belong to them.

They walk with God. They walk with God by listening to His Word, but they also walk with God by imitating His care. By taking covenant leadership of their family. By bringing in the animals. By gathering food for them.

It is a glorious grace that not only saves a man but transforms him and uses him.

But there is a hard truth here that we should not forget. God doesn’t owe anyone this grace. We have corrupted ourselves with our sin.

Our easy hostility and bitterness against others shows us to have much in common with those whose “violence filled the earth.” Every harsh word, glare, gossip, attack of any kind… reminds us that we deserve to be among the destroyed and dead.

Understanding this ought to make us all the more amazed at God’s grace!
With whom do you most struggle with bitterness and irritation? How does God’s hatred for violence help you to hate this sin too? What hope can there be for people who have it in their hearts? Whom is God using You to bless and care for?
Suggested songs: ARP170 “The Penitent’s Prayer & Confession,” or HB275 “Amazing Grace”

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