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2017.12.30 Hopewell @Home ▫ Hebrews 6:4-8

Questions for Littles: What had once happened to these people (v4)? What had they tasted? Of what have they become partakers (partners)? What good thing have they tasted (v5)? What powers have they tasted? It is impossible to renew them again to repentance if they do what (v6)? Why—what two things do they do to Christ? What earth receives blessing from God (v7)? What earth is about to receive curse and burning (v8)? 
In the Scripture for the sermon this week, we had our default view of the world abruptly interrupted.

We like to think of things as being good or bad depending upon what they do for us. But we are not the Alpha and the Omega. Christ, our God, is the Alpha and Omega. He is the One from whom all things come, and for whom all things exist.

Things are good or bad, depending upon whether they function according to Christ’s command, and whether they function unto Christ’s glory.

When the earth produces herbs that are useful to the farmer who cultivates it, we say, “It has been blessed by God!” After all, it is God Himself who made the rains to come upon it. Even more, it is God Himself who made it produce herbs instead of thorns and briers. So we say, “It has been blessed by God!”

Similarly, we have just now in this passage had sanctification described to us as something that comes by the Lord’s washings from heaven, and by the Lord using His appointed servants to cultivate growth in them.

So, when a believer produces fruit unto Christ and His body, we say of him, “He has been blessed by God!” After all, it is God Himself who has given His Word and Spirit by whom He washes us. Even more, it is God Himself who uses this ministry to produce in our lives that which is good, rather than that which is useless.

But, there is a frightening warning for us here at the end of v8: if nothing useful is being produced in one’s life from all of his exposure to God’s Word and Spirit, we say something far worse than simply, “It has not been blessed by God.” Rather, we say, “It is about to be cursed by God!” (v8).

There is no middle ground, no neutral response to God’s Word and Spirit: either we are producing fruit, or we are about to be cursed. Let us cry out for—and run after!—God’s blessing!
What is your habit for responding to God’s Word and seeking for Him to bless it to You?
Suggested Songs: ARP19B “The Lord’s Most Perfect Law” or HB260 “The Spirit Breathes Upon the Word”

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