Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Worship Preview: Prayer of Invocation from Psalm 46:4-11

When God calls us to worship by His Word on the Lord's Day, our first act of worship is to call upon Him for His presence and help. For, it is Him Himself for whom we have come, and He alone can enable us to worship.

This week's prayer is from Psalm 46:4-11. You may find that if you read through it in advance (perhaps with your family), you will be better able to pray it with sincerity and passion in the service.
As a stream that makes glad a city, Lord be in our midst this morning. Make us Your tabernacle, the holy place where You dwell.

By Your Word, show us Your almighty works. Heaven and earth will pass away, but Your Word will not. Every other kingdom will end, but Yours is the kingdom forever and ever. 

Oh Lord of hosts, be with us!

Like Jacob, we cling to You for blessing, because we know that from You alone may we obtain it. God of Jacob, be our refuge!

Through Jesus Christ, AMEN.

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