Saturday, January 27, 2018

2018.01.27 Hopewell @Home ▫ Hebrews 7:26-28

Questions for Littles: Who is the High Priest who was fitting for us (v26a)? What five things in v26 describe how and why Jesus is fitting? What does Jesus not need to do daily (v27a)? What did Jesus do once for all (v27b)? What kind of men did the law appoint as priests (v28a)? What appointed a perfected Son forever (v28b)?
In the Scripture for the sermon this week, we learned not only that Jesus’s priesthood is firm and forever, but also that it is fitting and finished.

It was a frightful thing to be a High Priest in the Old Testament. The spiritual health of the nation depended upon his remaining ceremonially clean so that he could offer the proper sacrifices. But there were so many ways, lurking around every corner for him to become unclean!

Have you ever wondered why the Lord would make it so difficult? One reason is so that we can more wonderfully and clearly see how exactly and completely suitable Christ is as our High Priest.

He is holy. The word here is not the normal word for holiness, which emphasizes being set apart, but rather morally pure and superior.

He is harmless. It is impossible for Him to do anything that is evil.

He is undefiled. There isn’t the slightest spot of guilt or uncleanness in Him.

He is separate from sinners. Having ascended into heaven, it is impossible that He could ever be stained by us.

He is higher than the heavens. Having ascended into heaven, it is impossible that He could ever be brought down by us.

So, not only was He able to finish in one afternoon sacrifice what fourteen hundred years of repeated sacrifices didn’t begin, but when Jesus had done that He sat down at the right hand of majesty. Why?

Because He is the Son of God and has a right to the throne!

This is the High Priest whom the word of the oath has appointed for us. The more we exalt Jesus Christ, and consider Him in His current glory on high, the more we’ll realize how absolutely sure our salvation is in Him!
What gets in the way of our realizing and remembering how great is the current glory of Christ? What can we do get a better grasp of it?
Suggested Songs: ARP110B “The Lord Has Spoken to My Lord” or HB132 “All Hail the Power of Jesus’s Name”

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