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2018.02.07 Hopewell @Home ▫ Genesis 14:1-16

Questions for Littles: In the days of which kings does this take place (v1)? Upon which kings did they make war (v2)? What had those kings joined together to do after 12 years (v3-4)? Which other kings had Chedorlaomer’s alliance attacked (v5-6)? Whom else had they attacked (v7)? Then who came out against them (v8)? Whom did Chedorlaomer have with him (v9)? Who won the war (v10)? What did they take (v11)? What special plunder of war does v12 mention? Whom did an escapee tell about all this (v13)? How many trained servants did Abram have (v14)? What did he do to them? Where did he take them? What did he do with his forces (V15a)? At what time of day? Who won that war? What did he bring back (v16)? 
In the passage for this week’s Old Testament reading, we read quite an amazing military tale.
Chedorlaomer and company had been cleaning up on the battlefield. He won one world war. Then, he plundered a bunch of countries. Then he won another world war.

In this last one, however, he carried away one piece of plunder that was just a little too costly for him.


Abram still had a sense of obligation to Lot, and as soon as he hears that Lot has been taken, he does something about it. He has 318 armed men. That’s good enough for two troops of 160 each.

They immediately start marching north, and after at least two days’ solid marching, they split up at night and attack the seasoned veterans of the Chedorlaomer alliance.

So, there is the sense of duty on Abram’s part. And, just as Melchizedek will lead Abram in understanding and praying, there is the fact that God gives Abram the victory.

But neither of these things eliminate the usefulness of preparedness, planning, wisdom, daring, courage. Abram had arms for his men. He had trained them. He uses strategy. And his household servants win a world war!

The Lord has appointed means. Trusting in Him, therefore, does not mean ignoring them, but using them!
What big task do you have in front of you? What means has God appointed for it?
Suggested songs: ARP128 “How Blessed Are All Who Fear the Lord” or HB353 “Am I a Soldier of the Cross”

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