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2018.03.21 Hopewell @Home ▫ Genesis 18:16-33

Questions for Littles: Who rise and look toward Sodom in v16? But who is the One going and looking in v20-21? And whom does v22 say went? And whom does v33 identify as having stayed behind to talk with Abraham? According to v19, what was Abaraham’s part in the bringing about of what God had promised him? What does Abraham keep asking the Lord? How does the Lord keep responding?   
In the passage for this week’s Old Testament reading, it is very clear that all three “men” who had visited Abraham were themselves an appearance of the Lord.

Liberal (unbelieving) scholars will tell us that this cannot be an indication of the Trinity, because such an idea did not yet exist. But, we know that the Holy Spirit is ultimately the author of Scripture. The Trinity is not merely an idea but a reality that has always existed—quite literally, from all eternity.
What is amazing is not so much that God is manifesting Himself here, but what He is doing as He manifests Himself.

Does God really need to go on an investigative trip? Of course not. This is all grace. Grace to Lot to get him out of Sodom. Grace to Abraham to stir him up to prayer for the Lord’s people wherever they might be.

And grace to us to give us a window into the mind and heart of God who so patiently bears with the wicked for the sake of His saving plan to send Christ into the world.

Of course, the life that Abraham lives by this amazing grace is amazingly… ordinary. He prays for the community around him. He has been brought into close relationship with God (v19) in order that… “he may command his children and his household after him, that they keep the way of Yahweh to do righteousness and justice.”

Praying for others. Leading his family in godliness. That was “the stuff” of being God’s special man. And it still is. God grant unto us faithfulness in such gloriously ordinary lives!
For whom do you pray that is coming under judgment? What ordinary service unto the Lord and others has God appointed for you these days?
Suggested songs: ARP73C “Yet Constantly I Am with You” or HB303 “Be Thou My Vision”

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