Saturday, March 24, 2018

2018.03.24 Hopewell @Home ▫ Hebrews 10:32-39

Questions for Littles: What days does v32 tell us to recall? After they were illuminated, what did they endure? By what were they made a spectacle (v33)? Of whom did they become companions? What did they have upon the writer in his chains (v34)? What did they joyfully accept? What kind of possession did they know that they had in heaven? What are we commanded not to cast away in v35? What do we have need of in v36? After we have done what, will we receive the promise? After a little while, what will happen (v37)? By what does the just man live (v38)? But if a man is not just, and does not have a real faith by which he lives, but instead draws back, in what does the Lord’s soul have no pleasure? Of what group are we not a part (v39)? Who go to perdition? How does it end for those who believe?
In the second half of week’s sermon text, the Scripture instructed us to look back and to look forward.
Look back. The love and zeal that you had at first—do you have it now? Are your treasures in heaven and your pleasures in being identified with Christ? Or is your treasure on earth, so that suffering can rob you of pleasure?

Look forward. Yet a little while, and Jesus will come and not delay. Does confidence in that day have you pressing forward and enduring? Does belonging to the Master have you doing His will while you wait for His return?

This is one way that we can gauge whether we are drawing back or enduring: look back and look forward. If you are beyond where you were, and still straining forward to where you will be, then you are enduring.

But, what if you look back in time and find that you once lived as someone who values Christ above all, but now would much rather be comfortable and complacent rather than devoted and suffering?

Repent! Behold Christ and His glory all over again! How? Where? By the means described in v19-25. Renew your commitment to visiting heaven with the congregation each Lord’s Day, and to the fellowship in which we stir one another up to the love and good works that serve our Master!
For what kinds of things do you miss Lord’s Day worship? What kind of fellowship do you try to have on the Lord’s Day? How do you try for it?
Suggested Songs: ARP184 “Adoration and Submission” or HB29 “O Come and Sing unto the Lord”

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