Tuesday, May 08, 2018

2018.05.08 Hopewell @Home ▫ 1Chronicles 29:11-15

Questions for Littles: Who blessed Yahweh (v10)? Before whom? What characteristics of God does v11 praise? What does it remind us belong to Him? Over whom is He exalted as Head? From whom do riches come (v12)? From whom does honor come? From whom does greatness come? From whom does strength come? So, since they had all these things, from Whom had the things come, and what did they do (v13)? From whom had the willingness come (v14)? From of what (Whose) things had they given? What did David confess that they were before the Lord (v15)? Who else had been homeless? What did he confess that our days on earth are like? What do we not have, except from God alone?
This week’s Call to Worship, Prayer for Help, and Prayer of Confession all came from 1Chronicles 29:11-15.

This prayer of exuberant praise doesn’t come at the building of the temple… David was not permitted to be the one who built the temple. Rather, it comes after taking an offering for the building.

I wonder if we respond like this when others give… I wonder if we respond like this when we give: recognizing that everything already belonged to God anyway, and that the real gift is that God would give us not just the means to give, but the willingness to do so!

Do we see the offering bags going around and praise God with all our hearts that He has moved in our hearts and lives to give to Him?

Do we consider everything that we receive as already belonging to Him so that we respond with great thanksgiving and joy when we are able to give some as an act of worship?

And, rather than being proud that we have given something, are we instead humbled that otherwise homeless, helpless, and hopeless people such as we are might have a home, and a help, and a hope in our God?

Whenever we worship God in anyway, whatever we give of heart or mind or voice is given according to the same principles. The Lord gives us the gift of being able to give Him worship!

May the Lord stir us up to give, and may He stir us up to praise and thank Him for our giving.
What are you able to give to God in worship? Will you? And will you turn around and praise Him for enabling you to do so?
Suggested songs: ARP50B “O You, My People, Hear” or HB312 “We give Thee but Thine Own”

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