Saturday, May 12, 2018

2018.05.12 Hopewell @Home ▫ Hebrews 11:35-40

Questions for Littles: What did the women at the beginning of v35 do? What happened to the other people in v35? What were they hoping to obtain? What happened to the believers in v36? What happened to the believers in v37? What does v38 say was not worthy of these believers? Where did they live? What did all of these obtain (v39)? But what did they not receive? What has God provided for us (v40)? With whom will all of these believers be perfected? 
In the second half of this week’s sermon text, we heard about how the Lord’s work in our lives isn’t always to give us what others would call successes.

Yes, there were women who received their dead raised to life again. But you know what happened to those sons and daughters and brothers? They died again.

But there is a better resurrection coming: a rising from the dead that will be permanent. And that resurrection isn’t just better because it is permanent. It is better because it is a resurrection in a new world, with the full enjoyment of the God and His glory.

That’s the resurrection that is worth being tortured. That’s the resurrection that is worth being mocked. That’s the resurrection that is worth being scourged. That’s the resurrection that is worth going through every physical and spiritual trouble.

Oh, dear reader, how much the Lord has enabled other believers to endure! And what do we endure for having Christ as our Lord and Master? Giving up worldly priorities of pleasure, entertainment, relaxation? Being mocked, disliked, or even just thought weird? Maybe losing our wealth, our job, some earthly rights and privileges?

What is there that is too valuable to give up for the Lord? It’s not even worthy of us, let alone of Him!

Let us lose all and have Him!
What would it cost you, if you decided to be more devoted to Christ? Are you willing to give it up? How does it compare to the value of enjoying Him?
Suggested Songs: ARP73C “Yet Constantly I Am with You” or HB303 “Be Thou My Vision”

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