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2018.06.01 Hopewell @Home ▫ Mark 14:53-65

Questions for Littles: To whom did they lead Jesus away (v53)? Who were assembled with him? Who followed at a distance (v54)? Where did he end up? With whom did he sit? What were the chief priests and all the council seeking (v54)? What did they want to do with Jesus? What did they find? Who bore false witness against Him (v56)? What was the problem with their testimony? What did some finally testify that they had heard Jesus say (v58)? What was still a problem with their testimony (v59)? How did Jesus answer (v60-61a)? Whom did the high priest finally ask Jesus if He is (61b)? How did Jesus answer (v62)? What did the high priest tear (v63)? Of what does he accuse Jesus (v64)? What did they all say Jesus deserved? What kinds of things did they begin to do to Jesus?
In the Gospel reading this week, we heard about the trial of Jesus at the high priest’s house. We can smell their rotten sham of a trial a mile away. How is it that all of these important men were already out of bed in the middle of the night, and gathered in assembly like this? It wasn’t even technically legal for them to meet at this hour! Of course, they were all in on it, so they knew ahead of time to be there.

Then, there’s all the false witnesses who couldn’t get their stories straight. How difficult is it to practice saying the same thing? But the Lord would have us see the great folly in persisting with Christ.

Isn’t it ironic that they attempted to use testimony about Jesus tearing down the temple and rebuilding it in three days? Jesus, of course, had been speaking of His body (cf. John 2:19-22). The irony is that they were in the very process of helping Him to fulfill that prophecy.

Eventually, Jesus testifies about Himself, and they respond not just with condemnation but with ugly mocking and mistreatment.

The shocking thing about the mistreatment in v65 is that we know that v62 is true. He who could have destroyed them with blazing glory instead permitted Himself to be beaten and ridiculed by them—all for our sake!

Next week, we will hear what Peter was doing outside, but I suspect that you know. How wonderful, then, that Jesus was inside suffering this for him!
Who is the One who has suffered for you? What has He suffered for you? How often do you remember this?
Suggested songs: ARP191 “I Love the Lord” or HB199 “Alas! and Did My Saviour Bleed”

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