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2018.06.08 Hopewell @Home ▫ Mark 14:66-72

Questions for Littles: Who was below in the courtyard in v66? Who came up to him? What did she see him doing (v67)? What did she say to him in v67? How did Peter answer her (v68)? Where did he go? What happened then? Who saw him again in v69? This time, to whom did she identify Peter? How did Peter respond this second time (v70)? A little later, who identified him? What did they suggest was proof? How did Peter respond this third time in v71? Then what happened the second time in v72? What did Peter remember that Jesus had said to him? What did Peter do now, when he remembered it in his thoughts? 
In the Gospel reading this week, we were reminded how easily we fall into sin. Peter had been so determined to die with Christ, if that’s what it took to stick with Him, and now he falters before the scrutiny of a servant girl.

Apparently, there wasn’t much using hiding it. The servant girl knew his face—which is not surprising, considering how popular Jesus had been. v67 seems to imply that even the manner in which he warmed himself stood out.

Then, there was the problem of the accent. He was one of those redneck northern hillbillies, and he sure sounded like it! This last fact was what set him off, cursing and swearing like a sailor.

Perhaps the most frightening thing about how easily we fall into such great sin is the bit about the rooster crowing two different times. How can it be that Peter wouldn’t take the hint after the first crowing? But it seems that he only remembers Jesus’s warning/prediction after the second one is complete!

How often we, too, miss the warning signs about the sin into which we are sliding.

Behold the patience of the grace of God, and the powerful working of Jesus’s intercession. Unlike Judas, Peter would recover from this. He would be restored. He would strengthen the brethren. Why? Because although Satan had asked to sift the disciples like wheat, Jesus had prayed specifically for Peter, specifically for this restoration.

Dear Christian, do you identify yourself in Peter’s sin? Then pay attention to Christ’s part in all of this, and identify Peter’s Master as your own dear Savior too. He ever-lives to intercede for us! Praise the Lord!
From what sin is Jesus praying that you would be restored?
Suggested songs: ARP51A “God, Be Merciful to Me” or HB282 “God, Be Merciful to Me”

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