Friday, June 29, 2018

2018.06.29 Hopewell @Home ▫ Mark 15:40-16:8

Questions for Littles: Who were looking on when Jesus died (v40)? What had these women done during Jesus’s ministry in Galilee (v41)? Who asked for Jesus’s body (v42-43)? What did Pilate verify with the centurion (v44-45)? In what did Joseph wrap Jesus’s body (v46)? Where did he lay him, and what did he do to the door? Who observed this (v47)? When the Sabbath was past, what did the women do (v1)? When did they come to the tomb (v2)? What were they asking themselves (v3)? What did the solution turn out to be (v4)? Whom did they find in the tomb (v5)? What did he tell them that Jesus had done (v6)? Whom did he tell the women to tell (v7)? What did they do and say instead (v8)?
In the Gospel reading this week, we follow Mary, Mary, and Salome as they keep track of everything that is happening with the Lord and His body.

Evidently, these were women of some means, for they had followed Him and ministered to Him during His ministry, and they had the means of purchasing the spices to anoint Him now.

Let us learn from them the blessedness of being always busy in service, for we never know when our service will become an occasion upon which the Lord makes us witnesses to a great work of His.

There were things that they could not do—like make so bold as to request the body themselves (the Lord sent Joseph of Arimathea to do that), and especially they could not roll the stone away (the Lord Himself did that). But what they could do, they did.

Let us not, however, miss that the primary actor in their story is not themselves but the Lord. He is always a step ahead of them—even having the angel waiting, ready to instruct them. When the women are still afraid and running away not telling anyone, Jesus comes upon them and instructs Mary further, and she tells the disciples.

In all our service of the Lord and pursuit of Him, let us be mindful that it is truly He that is pursuing and employing us. Our risen Savior sits on the throne of glory, ruling over all things. Hallelujah!
How are you serving the risen King? How has He gone ahead to help you?
Suggested songs: ARP157 “Immortality and Resurrection” or TPH358 “Sing Choirs of New Jerusalem”

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