Monday, June 18, 2018

Introducing the "Pastor's Memory Challenge"!

Each week, during the fellowship time after worship, we purpose to have an "open mic" time for congregational sharing, but only a few have taken advantage of this time up to this point.

So, each week, we are going to be having a congregational memory verse. Yes, just one verse--baby steps! The children have been reciting their catechism answers for us for years--time for the adults to step up and start reciting some memory work of their own! Head on over to (or check out the back of this week's Hopewell @Home) to see the memory verse for the coming Lord's Day!

Each week, the verse will be a main verse from the morning sermon passage. Over the course of a sermon series, you will memorize your way through the key verses of a book, with each verse tied in your memory to the preaching of that passage. What a blessing to have the theology and application of entire books of the Bible ready to hand!

One week at a time.

So, as soon as folks are seated for the meal, one of the elders will step up to the mic and give you your golden opportunity to recite your verse for the week. When Scripture memory is done, we'll sing and pray in thankfulness for the birthdays and anniversaries of the week, and the ice will be broken for anyone who has something else that they would like to come to the mic and share.

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