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2018.08.28 Hopewell @Home ▫ Psalm 149

Questions for Littles: Whom shall we praise (v1)? What shall we sing? Where? In whom is Israel to rejoice (v2)? In whom must the children of Zion be joyful? What aspects of the worship led by Levitical priests are named in v3? In whom does the Lord take pleasure (v4)? With what does He beautify the humble (v4)? In what should saints be joyful (v5)? What should they do on their beds? What should be in their mouths (v6)? And what should be in their hands? For what purpose (v7-9a)? Which of the Lord’s saints have this honor?
This week’s Call to Worship, Invocation, and Confession of sin came from Psalm 149. This is a Psalm about corporate worship—the praise of the Lord in the assembly of the saints. Yes, it’s a praise that continues to resound in their hearts and mouths even when they are at home on their beds (v5). But it is something that distinctly belongs to the assembly (v1), as evidenced by the reference to the specific Levite-led activities of v3.

We, of course, are no longer led by Levites in a temple on earth, but we ourselves are the temple, and we are led by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself!

Therefore, the joy of the song is not diminished, but rather increased—as the saints are joyful in glory. In particular, we now know how it is that Yahweh Himself takes pleasure in us (v4!!). It is because we come to Him through the Lord Jesus Christ.

But not only do we have the privilege of a great reception on High, week by week in this life. We also have the privilege of a great power on earth.

Which of the Lord’s saints wield this great sword to which v6-9 refer? All His saints. v9 says, “This honor have all His saints”!!

Now, we know that not all His saints carry physical swords by which they subjugate rulers. But, just as our worship must come from God and not be merely the worship of men, so also our weapons are the weapons of God.

As we believe the Scripture together, and confess it in worship, and admonish one another with it, and teach it to our children, we are participating in the subjugation of all the nations, which shall surely be accomplished by God’s mighty Word. Hallelujah!
In what part of worship are you participating in the overthrow of kings?
Suggested songs: ARP149B “O Praise the Lord, O Sing Aloud” or TPH166 “You Who His Temple Throng”

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