Tuesday, September 11, 2018

2018.09.11 Hopewell @Home ▫ Romans 11:33-12:13

Questions for Littles: Whose wisdom is deeply rich (v33)? Whose knowledge is deeply rich? Whose judgments are unsearchable? Whose ways are past finding out? What has no one known (v34)? What has no one become? What has no one done first (v35) so that the Lord has never “repaid” anyone? Of whom are all things (v36)? Through whom are all things? To whom are all things? What is to be given unto God forever? What are we to do by the mercies of God (12:1)? What are we to present to Him? As what kind of sacrifice? What kind of service is this? To what are we not to be conformed (v2)? By what are we to be transformed? When we live this way, what do we prove about God’s will? Through what does Paul speak in v3? What does he tell us not to do? How does he tell us to think? What has God dealt to each of us a measure of? What do we, as many members, form all together (v4-5)? Of whom are we members (end of v5)? What gifts are listed in v6-13? For each one, consider whether it is a gift that only some believers have, or whether it is a gift that all believers have (parents will have to do and explain this for you).
This week’s Call to Worship, Invocation, and Confession of sin came from Romans 11:33-12:13.

In this passage, we go from purpose to particulars.

We go from overflowing expressions of worship (11:33-36) to an entire life of worship (12:1). Every day, we are to be offering our bodies unto God as living sacrifices.

We go from hearing about God’s deep wisdom and knowledge, and unsearchable judgments and ways, to living according to God’s Word, and making our lives a testimony to how perfect His will is (12:2).

We go from the reminder that everything is from God and for God (11:36, 12:3) to living that way (12:4-13). This is the ultimate meaning of spiritual “gifts”—not that we each have one or two or more special things that are gifts—but that these things and everything else about us are gifts from God for the rest of the church.

We see in the list that some of the “gifts” are unique to some believers. But others are things that all believers are commanded to do. The point is this: rather than think highly of ourselves, let us realize that we are a gift from God to our brethren, and let us be sure not to withhold anything!
Whom do you serve in the church? Whom could you serve more? How?
Suggested songs: ARP8 “Lord, Our Lord” or TPH405 “I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord”

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