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2018.09.26 Hopewell @Home ▫ Joshua 2

Questions for Littles: How many men does Joshua send out (v1)? Who finds out about the spying mission in v2? Whom does the King either know or assume has the men (v3)? What does the woman say that the men had done (v4-5)? But what had she done with them (v6)? What new problem do the men have at the end of v7? What does the woman profess to know in v9? What evidence does she give in v10? What does she confess about God in v11? Whom does she ask the men to save in v12-13? How are the men able to get out of the city with the gate shut (v14-16)? What do they tell her that she has to do, if she (and those with her) is going to be spared in the battle (v17-19)? What else could forfeit her life (v20)? When they give their report, what is Joshua’s response (v24)?
In the passage for this week’s Old Testament reading, we find a tale of three mercies.

First, there is God’s mercy to the spies in sparing their lives. Second, there is God’s mercy to Rahab in receiving a way of escape from a destruction that she knew was coming. Third, there was God’s mercy to Joshua in encouraging him about the faintheartedness of the people of Jericho.

Focusing on Rahab, we find that there has already been a much greater mercy than simply the logistics of surviving the Israelite invasion. God has convinced her mind and changed her heart.

She sees and hears the frightened gossip, and draws a conclusion: this is the work of God! How does she know? Because those other things that God has done were not just an indication that the Israelites have better gods than the Egyptians. Rather, she has come to the conclusion that Yahweh is the only true God. He is God of heaven above and earth beneath. There is no room for other gods!

So, she wants them to swear by the Yahweh when they make their promises, and she asks them to show steadfast love (“kindness”—kessed—in v12).

All of the suspense in the story—the manhunt, the sealing of the doors of the city, etc.—it ramps up the anticipation so we can hear this great profession of faith and say, “Now this… THIS is real salvation!”
From what earthly trouble do you need saved? How does it compare to Hell?
Suggested songs: ARP2 “Why Do Gentile Nations Rage?” or TPH340 “There Is a Fountain”

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