Thursday, October 11, 2018

2018.10.11 Hopewell @Home ▫ 1Corinthians 10:14-33

Questions for Littles: What should we flee (v14)? What are we sharing in if we take of the cup of blessing (16a)? What are we sharing in, if we take of the bread that we break (16b)? What did the people of Israel share in when they ate of the sacrifices (v18)? What, rather than “idols,” were actually receiving the sacrifices of the Gentiles (v20)? If they knowingly ate meat that was sacrificed there, with what would they be having fellowship? And if they were having fellowship with demons, from what was it necessary to prevent them from partaking (v21)? If the church allows willful, unrepentant sinners to continue taking the Lord’s Supper, what does it do to the Lord (v22)? Whose consciences would we deny ourselves to preserve (v23-29)? But, when it’s between us and God, rather than asking where the food came from, what should we be doing instead (v30)? What should our goal be in eating or drinking (v31)? What example did Paul set of how to do things to the glory of God (v32-33)?
In this week’s Epistle reading, we learned one shocking reason why it is so dangerous to participate in idolatrous worship or practice: doing so actually brings us into fellowship with demons.

Let us not assume that we are any harder to trick than the Gentiles were of old. Demons are still quite capable of fooling people into participating with them. That’s not just personally dangerous to ourselves, but the Scripture here says that if the church permits us to come to the Lord’s Table in that condition, then we are provoking Him to jealousy!

However, it is wonderfully true that the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. If we don’t have reason to think that particular food, or drink, or any other kind of blessing is specifically a part of idolatrous worship, then we are free to receive it from the Lord.

There’s just one catch—if we receive everything as from the Lord, then we ought to be a thoroughly thankful people!

A thankful people will, obviously, give thanks. A thankful people will also seek the wellbeing of others, and do our best not to tempt them to violate their consciences. A thankful people will try not to make anyone stumble, because it is seeking their salvation unto the glory of God!
What are some ways that you do things unto the glory of God in your life?
Suggested songs: ARP189 “Universal Praise” or TPH538 “Take My Life, and Let It Be”

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