Saturday, October 06, 2018

Walking with God, Who Meets Us in His word (Pastoral Letter from the 2018.10.05 Hopewell Herald)

Dear Congregation,

We’ve been learning about God, the everlasting Creator, as we study His own account of how He created, and think about why He created in that way.

This past Lord’s Day, we read and heard, “And God said…”

God relates to us by His Word. With limited time in a sermon, we focused especially upon how this is because He relates to all of His creatures through THE Word, the eternal Son, our Lord Jesus.

But we could well have made a study of how the Lord relates to us via the words on the pages of Scripture. The words through which He makes us alive, the words through which He brings us to faith, the words through which He ministers His continual fellowship to us, the words through which He fits us for glory, making us holy.

Oh that we would learn to look for Him and interact with Him by serious study of these words and continual reflection upon them! Rather than groping blindly after God with disorganized longings of the heart, we can diligently and passionately employ the means that He Himself has described by which He relates to us.

“You have magnified Your Word above all Your Name”—Psalm 138:2.

Of all the ways that God makes Himself known to us—of all of the instances of “His Name”—God has given His Word the very first place.

Is that reflected in the way that you approach each day? I pray often that it would be reflected in the way that we approach each week: that each Lord’s Day, we would worship Him by means of His Word (read, sung, prayed, preached, even seen/smelled/touched/tasted by means of the Supper), and that the entire rest of the week would flow out of this day with Him.

Then, as the week begins to come to a close, we begin to anticipate eagerly another Lord’s Day in the Lord’s Word, making effort to prepare in a way that will enable us to attend to Him in His Word with as little distraction from it as possible.

We’re coming to another Lord’s Day now. Won’t you prepare with me?


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