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2018.11.19 Hopewell @Home ▫ Genesis 2:4-17

Read Genesis 2:4-17
Questions for Littles: This passage is the history of what came from what (v4)? On what day did 1:31 say that God had completed making the heavens and the earth? Plants of what and herbs of what had not yet grown (v5)? Why—what did this specific type of plant and herb growth need to be done to the ground and by whom? What had God provided in advance for watering (v6)? From what did God form the man (v7)? What did God plant (v8)? Where? Whom did He put there? What did the Lord God make to grow out of the ground (v9)? What two things does v9 say about these trees? What two special trees were in the midst of the garden? What came out of Eden to water the garden (v10)? Into what did it split? What was the first river called (v11)? What land did it skirt? What was there? What else was there (v12)? What was the second river called (v13)? What did it go around? What was the third river called (v14)? Toward where did it go? What was the fourth river? What did the Lord God put the man into the garden to do (v15)? What did God command the man in v16? What did God forbid the man in v17? What did God say would happen if the man disobeyed?

From the Scripture for this week’s sermon, we were introduced to the covenant of works. The Lord provided Adam with every possible good, in addition to a sacramental “Tree of Life” holding out the promise of some eternal state of life even greater than what Adam had in the garden.

And He gave Adam general duties (serve and keep) that also have (here in Genesis 2, and throughout Scripture) very specific meanings at times: worship and obey.

Sadly, for Adam, he broke the terms of this wonderful covenant of life. The penalty was clear: dying you shall die. And it was much worse than merely returning to the dust. Adam died spiritually. He brought himself not only under God’s curse but under His wrath.

But it wasn’t sad merely for Adam. We were in Adam. We died that day with him, because we sinned that day in Him. We came under His wrath and curse.

Wondrously, God has not left us in that sin and misery. Nor has He restored us to the garden of Eden. Every good gift in Eden has a superior counterpart in Jesus Christ. He is the last Adam, who brings us into a better covenant, with better gifts, and which He has perfectly kept on our behalf!
Which Adam are you in? How do you know? What has he earned for you? 
Suggested Songs: ARP1 “How Blessed the Man” or TPH89B “My Song Forever Shall Record”

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