Friday, November 23, 2018

2018.11.23 Hopewell @Home ▫ John 6:15-21

Questions for Littles: Who perceived that the people were going to take Him by force (v15)? What were they going to do to Him? Where did Jesus go? With whom? Where did the disciples go (v16)? What did they get into (v17)? Who had not come by dark? What arose (v18)? Why? How far had they rowed in v19? Whom did they see walking on the sea? How did they feel? What did Jesus tell them not to be (v20)? What did they do then in v21? What happened to the boat immediately?
In the Gospel reading this week, the Lord Jesus has a very strange response to recognizing that the people want to make Him King. He literally runs to the mountain.

Didn’t Jesus want to be King? Of course He does, but only in the manner and sequence the Lord … we have seen before the suggestion that Jesus go a different way and skip the cross. That suggestion came from Satan.

Though we know that He is on the mountain praying, and other accounts actually mention that He personally dismissed the crowds. This account of the incident doesn’t mention either of those things. Instead, it just tells us that He went up the mountain (alone, this time—another Moses reference), and that He waited until after dark to come to His disciples.

Jesus seems to be sending the message that He’s there at this point particularly for the disciples, not the crowds. In the next passage, the crowds will actually express some irritation that He had given them the slip.

Considering the context, what stands out is our Lord’s commitment to being with His disciples. Obviously, neither the dark nor the storm nor even gravity bother Christ. But they are bothering those who are dear to Him.

So, Jesus ignores it all and walks across the water to comfort them and get into the boat, which arrives immediately at the land where they were going. Soon, He will be driving away the crowds with His divine and Messianic claims—while using the very same to teach His disciples and grow their faith in Him. He wants to be our King. On His terms alone!
How does King Jesus want you to grow in Him? Where can we learn what to do?
Suggested songs: ARP2 “Why Do Gentile Nations Rage?” or TPH273 “Break Thou the Bread of Life”

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