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2018.12.10 Hopewell @Home ▫ Genesis 2:24-25

Questions for Littles: Whom must a man leave? To be joined to whom (v24)? What do they become? What does v25 say about their clothes? What does it say about their hearts?
In the Scripture for this week’s sermon, we learned the three step process for getting a biblical marriage started, and the glorious result.

We know, of course, that v24 is talking to us about ourselves and not Adam and Eve. Adam had no father to leave! If we think about it a little further, we find that this process is especially for a father to teach his children. Why? Because up until someone follows this plan, he’s going to be under his father’s teaching!

So, what do fathers need to teach their sons and daughters to prepare to do?

Leave the family. If the sons are going to be good heads for their wives, they are going to need to be the heads of their own households. If the daughters are going to give themselves completely to their husbands, they need to be ready to sever ties with their former family.

That’s drastic! Exactly. Look at Psalm 45:10. Even better, look at Luke 14:26, “If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple.”

Coming to Jesus changes every relationship so that it is like they are restarted from scratch as something completely new and different. Coming to Jesus changes our very selves so that we treat our former selves as entirely disposable!

Marriage is so life changing, according to Genesis 2:24, that it is the one human relationship that shares these characteristics in common with coming to Jesus Christ.

The next thing that our children should be learning is how to covenant. No earthly covenant is going to be more serious or more permanent than their marriage. But they have other relationships, other commitments, and most importantly their covenant church memberships. Long before they profess their faith, they are in covenant with God and need to be trained in fulfilling their responsibilities and enjoying their privileges according to a Christ’s-blood-bought-serious commitment. Genesis 2:24 says a man must be joined to his wife.

Finally, our children need to learn what it means to be one flesh. This is something they cannot learn by experience before their marriage, so they must take advantage of two great model relationships.

The first is dad and mom’s relationship. Dad and mom can’t be sinless again, so a 2:25 relationship is off the table. But, as we heard last week from Ephesians 5, the way forward is even more glorious than the way back. The way for mom and dad to be “naked and not ashamed” with one another is to be completely honest with one another and extend great grace to one another. Forgiveness must permeate their marriage, such that they are always for one another, always either on the same page or coming back to it. This is the first way the children witness “one flesh.”

The second great model they have for becoming “one flesh” with their future spouse is their own relationship with Jesus. 1 Corinthians 6:17 says, “But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him.” Our children must learn to pursue what Christ pursues, approve what Christ approves, reject what Christ rejects, and enjoy what Christ enjoys! Their being one spirit with Him is forever and ever. And it is the best model they have for learning to be one flesh with their future spouses!
When is a good time for a young man to start working to be able to be independent? What are some ways that new brides might stay too much under their father and mother or not enough under their husbands? What are some ways that a husband and wife can work on having great fellowship? How does sin get in the way? How does the gospel fix this between us and God? How does the gospel fix this between us and each other?
Suggested Songs: ARP45B “Daughter, Incline Your Ear” or TPH549 “O Gracious Lord”

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