Saturday, December 22, 2018

2018.12.22 Hopewell @Home ▫ Genesis 3:7-11

Questions for Littles: What were opened (v7) What did the man and woman know? What did they do about it? What did the man and woman hear in v8? Who was walking in the garden? When? What did Adam and his wife do? From whose presence were they hiding? Where did they hide? Who called to Adam in v9? What did He ask Adam? What did Adam say that he felt when he heard God (v10)? Why did Adam say he was afraid? What two questions did Yahweh ask in v11? 
In the Scripture for tomorrow’s sermon, we see the great mercy of God.

The serpent had been lying when he said, “your eyes will be opened” in v5. There’s no reason to think that he expected anything other than the immediate death of the man and the woman. But rather than their eyes being closed in final death, their eyes were opened to see their own spiritual death.

What they couldn’t see was the mercy of God.

God asks, “Where are you?” Now think about that… is God really in need of information? Is He having difficulty locating Adam? Of course not! Then what is God doing? Like a mother might ask her toddler if he was being naughty, Yahweh is getting Adam to interact with Him about his sin.

When Adam does come around to interacting, he reveals that he does indeed possess something that he did not before: shame. It totally makes sense to Adam that he was afraid and hid. What he doesn’t realize is that he is admitting that he has good reason to be afraid of God.

Again, the Lord asks Adam an obvious question. Of course God knows whether Adam has eaten from the forbidden tree! But, Adam hasn’t come clean with that yet. The Lord is pressing Adam to confess his sin.

It’s pretty ridiculous of Adam to think that he can save face with God rather than coming clean. But, isn’t that what the fig leaves were all about? What can a man do to cover his sin? Feel very sorry? Extra good works? Lots of spiritual activities? Fig leaves!! All of it is nothing more than fig leaves!!!

Only one thing can ever cover our sin: the blood of Jesus Christ.
How have you dealt (or failed to deal) with your sin before the living God?
Suggested Songs: ARP32AB “What Blessedness” or TPH265 “In Christ Alone”

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