Thursday, January 17, 2019

2019.01.17 Hopewell Herald

Hopewell Herald – January 17, 2019

Dear Congregation,

This week’s morning sermon text has kept me thinking about how we have not perished, but rather been given life—and that life abundantly—in Christ Jesus.

And this the Lord did for us at the cost of His Son, so that He might clothe us with His Son. What cause for thankfulness, and love, and zealous service, and obedience!

How appropriate it is, then, that we also hope by God’s help to celebrate the Lord’s Supper together. There’s a busy couple days before the Lord’s Day, but we must certainly not let them be so busy that we fail to anticipate and prepare for the Table.

Looking forward to Word, sacrament, and prayer with you,


Immediately following the Men’s Breakfast this saturday, at 8:00a.m., we will be having a congregational work-day to knock out several tasks to make our campus more hospitable for the upcoming Winter Theology Conference. All who can participate in the work day or help with lunch for the workers, please contact the Johnstons.

And don’t forget MEN’S BREAKFAST, Saturday, at 6:30a.m. We look forward to good fellowship and food, earthly and spiritual, as we continue to study Ecclesiastes together.

We are hoping for a large number of guests for the Winter Conference, and Elder Mangum is compiling a list of available hosts’ homes. If you are willing to be blessed by sharing your space and time with other believers in town for the conference, please communicate to Charlie your details (which nights, room for how many in beds, room for how many on couches, room for how many in sleeping bags, family/ages preferences, etc.).

LORD'S DAY – January 20, 2019

10 a.m. Study Class
Westminster Confession for Study Classes. We’ll be continuing the 4th subject: The Trinity.

11 a.m. Morning Worship
Children’s Catechism for Jan 20
Q. 105. What is prayer? A. Prayer is asking God for things which he has promised to give.

Shorter Catechism for Jan 20
Q. 75. What is forbidden in the eighth commandment? A. The eighth commandment forbiddeth whatsoever doth or may unjustly hinder our own or our neighbor's wealth or outward estate.

Hymns and Psalms
+ SONG OF ADORATION – HB26 O Worship the King

Basis of first portion of worship service
Scripture Readings
Old Testament – Joshua 13:7-33
Epistle – 2Corinthians 1:8-14
Gospel – John 8:12-20

Sermon Scripture text and topic
In Genesis 3:20-24 the Holy Spirit gives us the first example of a believer expressing faith, the first display of the covering of sin, and clear instruction that the way to life is not backward to Eden, but forward to Christ.

The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper
As we come to show forth the Lord’s death until He comes, we do so by feeding upon Him by faith at His table. As we learned recently in John, this “feeding” is a coming to Him, beholding Him, believing in Him, abiding in Him, and having Him as our life and our purpose (cf. Jn 6:35,37,40,45,47,56,57). You may wish to employ the attached document as you prepare for this holy meal.

12:45 p.m. Catechism Class

1 p.m. Food Fellowship
There is an open invitation each Lord’s Day to join the several households of the church family that stay to eat and worship together throughout the afternoon). During the meal we have an open mic time, and the “Pastor’s Memory Challenge.”

▫Memory Verse for Jan 20
(Genesis 3:20) And Adam called his wife's name Eve, because she was the mother of all the living.

2:30 p.m. Church-Family Worship
The weekly p.m. service includes an extended singing time of favorites selected by the congregation, a Scripture teaching time from “the epistle reading,” and elder-led prayer. All are welcome to this worship time!

Hopewell this Month

Hopewell’s Presbytery Prayer Focus for January:
In Christ Church in Los Angeles, CA

January Psalm of the Month

Our ushers for the month of January are: Elijah Loud (head usher), Thomas Johnston, Nathan Buonomo, Andrew Buonomo

Congregational Prayer Requests (new/updates in bold)
▪ The Winter Theology Conference, February 1-3
▪ Jeff and Carrie Maskevich and family for her recently discovered cancer
▪ Pray with KC for her friend Kathy who is in chemo and radiation for grade 3 adenocarcinoma of her abdomen and pelvis, asking for peace, guidance, healing & not reacting to the chemo drugs on the 24th or 14th; and, other acquaintance Linda who doesn’t seem to know the Lord, and just lost 21 year old son
▪ Pray with E&S E for provision and wisdom for their new home construction project. It has been exhausting, and they feel needy of strength and good decision making
▪ Pray with D&M G for her mother who is back in the hospital; and, pray for comfort and against bitterness for husband Amos and six children (ages 2-12) of a nearby Amish lady who was killed by a drunk driver in front of her 9 year old son while they were bicycling; and, for son Jeremiah with wife Julianna: marriage, work for him, and their walk with Christ
▪ Pray with SG for young Jedediah Vick (along with parents Austin and Esther) who has been diagnosed with meningitis.
▪ Pray with J&H H for his father’s cancer, and sweetness in their remaining time together; and for his youngest brother; and for his sister-in-law and family as she faces and fights stage three breast cancer
▪ Pray with G&M H for grown children James, Paul, and Holly, that the Lord would turn them back to Himself and bring the stability of His peace, joy, and wisdom into their lives
▪ Pray with R&M J for physical and spiritual comfort in the wake of the departure to glory of their baby in the womb; and for 7 & 9 year old karate classmates of Thomas, whose father is dying
▪ Pray with C&T P for her brother Todd, needing to live a life of faith in and love to Christ; for the Lord’s mercy and healing in her many health issues
▪ Pray with J&D P for her brother-in-law, Tracy Seat, recovering from a pneumonia bad enough to put him on IV antibiotics and cause concern that a return of cancer might be the underlying cause
▪ Pray with D&K R for their family’s growth in godliness, especially dying to self, godly speech, and Lord’s Day keeping
▪ Pray with J&M R for Mariah’s adoption; and for friend Del Bailey and family in his recent cancer diagnosis with very poor prognosis
▪ Pray with GR for friend Abby to come to faith in Christ
▪ Pray with JR for believing friend Jeanette Cary who is in poor health
PRAISE with D&D R for Ms. Margarite’s recovery from flu and pneumonia; continue to pray for her health and comfort as a resident @Magnolia
▪ Pray with R&R T for her siblings (brother and 2 sisters) who are not believers, and especially wisdom and grace toward the sister who is particularly hostile
▪ Pray with S&V Y for him as he quits smoking; and for continued health for Brittney, wife of Andre, with peace and joy for their entire family, after her strokes
▪ Please pray with In Christ ARP Church in Los Angeles, CA, throughout the month of January
▪ Please pray for all ARP presbyteries, churches, and agencies

Prayer, with thanksgiving, being one special part of religious worship, is by God required of all men: and, that it may be accepted, it is to be made in the name of the Son, by the help of his Spirit, according to his will, with understanding, reverence, humility, fervency, faith, love, and perseverance; and, if vocal, in a known tongue. (WCF 21.3)

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