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2019.02.16 Hopewell @Home ▫ Genesis 4:25-5:32

Questions for Littles: What does Eve name the son in Genesis 4:25? Why? By what name were men called in Genesis 4:26? In whose likeness was Adam made (Genesis 5:1)? In whose likeness was Seth begotten (Genesis 5:3)? What happened to nearly all of the men in chapter 5? What did Enoch do after he begot Methuselah (Genesis 5:22)? What happened to him instead of dying (Genesis 5:24)? What did Noah’s dad hope that he would bring (Genesis 5:29)? 
In the Scripture for tomorrow’s sermon, we see that the Lord did in fact appoint another seed in the place of Abel. In fact, it is with the establishing of Seth’s line that men begin to be called by the name of Yahweh (more literal reading of Genesis 4:26).

Though this family line has been known up until this point as the “seed of the woman,” Genesis 4:26 and Genesis 5:1-3 make it clear that we are also to know them as the “sons of God.”

This is exactly the point of Luke, by the Holy Spirit, in Luke 3:38. Adam was in the likeness of God, and Seth is in the likeness of Adam, and the way Genesis 5:3 speaks of Seth implies that this is something that is distinguishing him from Cain.

Indeed, this is a line of gospel hope.

Eve expresses it by the name Seth (“appointed”).

Seth’s family expresses it once Enosh is born, calling by the name of the Lord.

Enoch expresses it, once Methuselah is born, his entire life being a walking with God at that point.

Even “good” Lamech expresses it, naming his son Noah (“rest”), as he looks for the reversing of the effects of the fall.

Yet, despite all of this gospel hope, there is one great problem in chapter 5: they all keep dying. Eight times, we see that frightful conclusion, “and he died.” Did the hope of everyone but Enoch end up perishing?

Of course not. But this does set us up to expect something about the promised serpent-Crusher: He is going to have to do something about death! And He has.

We can think comfortably, now, about our bodies turning to dust. We go into the ground mortal and corruptible, and we will come back out of that ground incorruptible and immortal, like Christ’s own resurrection body. In HIM is fulfilled the hope of the gospel!
How are you a son of Adam? Are you also a son of God? How—in whom?
Suggested Songs: ARP116A “How Fervently I Loved the Lord” or TPH358 “Sing, Choirs of New Jerusalem”

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