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2019.02.20 Hopewell @Home ▫ Joshua 15:13-63

Questions for Littles: Who took the land of the father of the Anakim (Joshua 15:13-15)? How did he determine who would be worthy of his daughter (Joshua 15:16-17)? Yet, who seemed to be the stronger of the pair (Joshua 15:18-19)? What did she want, since she had been given (along with her husband) dry land to the South? Whose inheritance is described in Joshua 15:20-63? How many cities and villages total did they inhabit? Yet, whom had they not yet driven out when Joshua was written (Joshua 15:63)? 
In this week’s Old Testament reading, we see that the work of God is varied, yet faithful.

The Lord is keeping His promise to bless and multiply the children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And He is keeping His promise to supply them with cities that they did not themselves have to build.

How does He do this?

Well, in part, by enabling an 85 year old man to defeat the father of the Anakim—a race of mighty giants.

And, in part, through a battle-contest for a wife. And, how interesting that this warrior Othniel, who wins the battle contest, does appear to have met every bit of his match in Achsah, daughter of Caleb. Not only is the asking for the springs of water her idea, but it turns out that she is the one who follows through in Joshua 15:19.

Furthermore, there’s a reminder built into this giant list of names. Every city name would have been precious to the descendants of the many families that inherited that city. We might stumble over the list and find it tedious, but we would not if our family’s inheritance was represented in one of those cities! God’s faithfulness to His general promises to His people includes separate faithfulness and generosity to every single one of His people.

Finally, there’s a hint at faithfulness to come—that God is reserving the defeat of the Jebusites as part of how He will bring honor to King David. Not unlike how the crushing of the serpent’s head is being reserved for the bringing of honor to King Jesus.
What promises has God made to you in Christ?
What are some of His appointed ways of keeping those promises?
What are some surprising providential ways that He has kept them?
Suggested songs: ARP189 “Universal Praise” or TPH245 “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”

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