Saturday, February 23, 2019

"Don't Let the History Evangelists Outdo You!" -- Pastoral Letter from the 2019.02.24 Hopewell Herald

Hopewell Herald – February 23, 2019

Dear Congregation,

I was impressed recently by a gentleman in the Small Town Diner in Mt. Pleasant.

There I was, having breakfast with a friend, and one of us had said something that might loosely imply that we care about southern history, or even just had ideas that may be consistent with federalism as originally constituted in our nation.

It wasn’t long before this man was standing at our table, asking us about ourselves, and sharing his joy with us. The joy of having discovered his southern roots and ideals while living in the north as a northerner, and having moved down and learned so much since then. Before he left the table, he had provided us some literature and invited future contact.

Oh, that we would be like this with our Redeemer!

Have we not also realized that we were once living under the sway of our own rebellion? Did not the Lord completely change our mind, bring us to our senses as His dear lost children who had been hungering for the pigs’ slop, and come running to us, throw His arms ‘round us, and gather us back into the home?

Is this not our joy—and is not growing in our knowledge of Him not our privilege? And telling others of it, and inviting them to do so as well—is this not our mission?

Would that, if we were in a restaurant and overheard someone say something that might suggest a point of contact, we would:
·        Politely introduce ourselves
·        Find out something about them
·        Share briefly why we were so glad to hear what we did from them
·        Offer some material that shares with them the joy of Him whom we have discovered—and, in our case, who is the One who laid hold of us
·        Invite future contact for the comparing of notes, sharing of joy, and joining in mission

Of course, if we are to be steady in our “fanaticism,” we will have to be filling up constantly on the joy of Christ and His having redeemed us. This means an entire day, every week, filling up on the joy of the Lord and His gospel. And several times a day, privately and with our small-group/growth-group (family!), filling up on the joy of the Lord and His gospel.

Should the history buffs really be better evangelists than the Christians? God grant unto us that they would not be!

Looking forward to filling up with you tomorrow,


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