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2019.03.09 Hopewell @Home ▫ Genesis 6:13-22

Questions for Littles: Who is speaking in Genesis 6:13? To whom? What does God say has come before Him? Why? What does God tell Noah to do in Genesis 6:14? What does He say to put in it? With what does He say to cover it? What else does the Lord say about the design for the ark in Genesis 6:15-16? What did the Lord say would be His particular part in Genesis 6:17—what would He do? Why? What would the Lord establish with Noah (Genesis 6:18)? And with whom else? What else does the Lord tell Noah to bring in Genesis 6:19-21? What does Noah do (Genesis 6:22)? How much of what God commanded him did he do?
In the Scripture for tomorrow’s sermon, we find several mercies that God shows unto Noah.

One mercy that God demonstrates to Noah is that He talks to him. God is merciful to tell His people what He is like, what they are like, what He plans to do, what He wants them to do, and more.

A second mercy that God demonstrates to Noah is that He spares his life. I think that sometimes, the greatness of God’s mercy to spare us seems to fade from our view; but as Noah worked on the ark, he would have had that continual reminder of God sparing him.

A third mercy that God demonstrates to Noah is that He establishes His covenant with him. He brings Noah, and all those who are under Noah and in Noah, into a committed relationship with Himself.

A fourth mercy that God demonstrates to Noah is employing Noah to spare and bless others. God gives Noah a part in His plan and even makes Noah an image of Himself and of Christ. This is a tremendous privilege.

A final mercy is that the Lord testified of Noah’s righteous deeds. Of course, these were only done by God’s grace. And that is true of all of our righteous deeds as well. What a great mercy—to have the living God declare his righteous deeds!
Where has God spoken to you? How has God spared you? In whom has God brought you into covenant with Himself? With whom else has He brought you into a display on earth of that covenant? How has God given you the privilege of being used in His work in others? When will God declare your righteous deeds?
Suggested Songs: ARP1 “How Blessed the Man” or TPH1A “That Man Is Blest”

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