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2019.04.01 Hopewell @Home ▫ Genesis 7:7-24

Questions for Littles: Where did Noah go in Genesis 7:7? Who went with him? Because of what? What else went with him (Genesis 7:8)? How did they enter (Genesis 7:9)? Why was it done this way? What happened after seven days (Genesis 7:10)? How does Genesis 7:11 make it plain that this is an historical event? How does it emphasize Noah’s actual age at the time? What does this tell us about other men’s ages of this period, which were similar to Noah’s? How long did it rain (Genesis 7:12)? What do Genesis 7:13-15 emphasize about how long it took to enter the ark? Who are named in Genesis 7:13? What else entered with them (Genesis 7:14)? How did they come onto the ark (Genesis 7:15)? What was in them? Who had commanded this (Genesis 7:16)? Who shut them all in the ark? How long did it rain (Genesis 7:17)? What did the increased waters do to the ark? Where did it rise? What does Genesis 7:18 say about the waters? What did the ark do in Genesis 7:18? What does Genesis 7:19 say about the waters? What were covered? What does Genesis 7:20 say about the waters? What were covered? Which flesh is first mentioned as dying in Genesis 7:21? Who are mentioned last in Genesis 7:21? What body-part does Genesis 7:22 mention? Of what does this remind us (cf. Genesis 2:7)?  How does Genesis 7:23 restate Genesis 7:21-22? What does it add at the end? What does Genesis 7:24 say about the waters? How long did they prevail, before they even began to recede?
In the Scripture for this week’s sermon, we saw God saving sinners. Well, we certainly saw God punishing sinners—an entire world of them—with destruction in the flood. But that was no surprise. What was surprising is that for eight sinners, God was saving them!

For the eight sinners of Noah, God commanded a method of salvation, which Noah obeyed (Genesis 7:9). For the eight sinners of Noah, God shut them in the ark where they were safe (Genesis 7:16). For the eight sinners of Noah, rather than trapping them in destruction, the waters lifted them out of it (Genesis 7:17). For the eight sinners of Noah, in the midst of God’s wrath, God remembered mercy, and they remained alive (Genesis 7:23, cf. Habakkuk 3:2).

Here is a picture of what happens to sinners through faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus is a Mediator better than Noah—all who belong to Him are safe for His sake from the wrath of God at the judgment. Jesus is Safety better than the ark—all who are found inside Him are lifted into heaven instead of being destroyed in Hell. Jesus is the great Substitute. He suffered Hell on the cross—the Just one died for the unjust!

We’re all sinners. The great question for us is whether we are clinging to Jesus as God’s salvation for us!
When will you leave this life? When you do so, will you do so safely in Jesus?
Suggested Songs: ARP2 “Why Do Gentile Nations Rage?” or TPH470 “When This Passing World Is Done”

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