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2019.04.06 Hopewell @Home ▫ Genesis 8:1-19

Questions for Littles: Who remembered Noah in Genesis 8:1? Whom else did God remember? What did God make to pass over the earth? What happened to the waters? What windows were stopped up in Genesis 8:2? At what day did the waters begin to decrease (Genesis 8:3)? What result did this have upon the ark (Genesis 8:4)? Where? For how many months did the water decrease continually (Genesis 8:5)? When were the tops of the mountains seen? How much later did Noah open the window of the ark (Genesis 8:6)? What did he send out in Genesis 8:7? What did it do? What did he send out in Genesis 8:8? What couldn’t it do (Genesis 8:9)? So what did it do? How many more days was it until he sent out the dove again (Genesis 8:10)? With what did it return (Genesis 8:11)? What did Noah know at that point? How many more days until Noah sent the dove out the third time (Genesis 8:12)? What didn’t it do this time? What day was it now in Genesis 8:13? What did Noah remove? What did Noah see? How much longer after that was it until the earth was dry enough to be safe (Genesis 8:14)? How did Noah know when to go (Genesis 8:15)? Whom did God command to leave the ark (Genesis 8:16)? What did He command them to bring (Genesis 8:17)? What did they do (Genesis 8:18-19)?
In the Scripture for tomorrow’s sermon, the Lord underscores for us that redemption is a greater work even than creation. Creation had been pushed back to day 1. Yes, there were “day 5 creatures” on the ark in the birds, and there were “day 6 creatures” on the ark in the land animals and the humans. But the mercies of the first three creation days needed to be reinstated.

First, the darkness of the storm had to pass. And this happened after forty days and forty nights. But the water kept rising. Next, the protection of the firmament from creation day 2 had to be reinstated. So the windows of the heavens were stopped up in Genesis 8:2. It helps to know that the “wind” of Genesis 8:1 is the same word as the “Spirit” of God in Genesis 1, Who had hovered over the face of the waters. Finally, the water had to go down enough that dry land would appear, plants would grow, and the land would be safe for the other creatures. And all of this happens in today’s Scripture. Finally, the mercies of the third creation day have been reinstated!

But the greatest mercy is the Word of God. God is still in fellowship with man. God is still caring for man. God is still saving man. We see these things in the wonderful phrase, “Then God spoke to Noah.”

What does God say? He basically says that He has restored man’s relationship with Him to one of blessing similar to what it was in the original creation. Once again, He is pleased for the earth to be full of them, “be fruitful and multiply on the earth.”

Oh the mercy of God, who reinstates creation blessings even for such sinners as we are! Oh, the greatness of Jesus, the Savior in Whom God does so! What a privilege to have fellowship with Him by His Word!
What undeserved creation blessings do you enjoy? How is the Word of God a greater blessing—what (Whom!) is the blessing you receive in the Word?
Suggested Songs: ARP8 “Lord, Our Lord” or TPH433 “Amazing Grace”

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