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2019.04.22 Hopewell @Home ▫ Genesis 9:1-7

Questions for Littles: What did God do to Noah and his sons at the beginning of Genesis 9:1? What does He command them to do? What has God now put upon the animals (Genesis 9:2)? Upon how many of them and what kinds? What does He give them to eat (Genesis 9:3)? How many of them? What/how must they not eat any animals (Genesis 9:4)? What does God refer to as an animal’s life? For what does God demand a reckoning in Genesis 9:5? What reckoning, specifically, does He demand in Genesis 9:6? What reason does He give? What commandment does He restate in Genesis 9:7
In the Scripture for this week’s sermon, we saw the what, how, and why of God renewing the creation mandate in His redemption plan.

The “what” of the creation mandate was to fill creation with little images of God. Now, since we are all sinners, this means not just people but redeemed people. If we are fruitful and multiply and few come to faith, then instead of filling the earth with pictures of God’s life in Christ, we would be filling the earth with pictures of the death that we all died in Adam.

The “how” of the creation mandate was by God’s provision and power. He gives us all that we need. Breath, light, clothing, physical life, even meat to eat! And, He reminds us that His power is sufficient. Sufficient to sustain the animals—even as man “takes a bite” out of them. Sufficient to sustain the people. But even more than that—that God’s life is our life. Jesus’s life is the provision for us to live instead of die. Jesus’s life is the power by which we live.

The “why” of the creation mandate was because God loves to display Jesus as His glory. And God’s chosen way of displaying Jesus as His glory is to display Him as our Savior, and to display the difference that He makes in those whom He saves.

This has huge implications. There is no such thing as “just a human being.” There is either “a display of the death and shame of Adam” or “a display of the life and glory of Christ.” So the first thing is to know that your life is all about who Jesus is.

But, if that’s the case, then everything we do every day is an opportunity to display His glory. And everyone whom we encounter is potentially another one in whom Christ’s glory can be displayed, day by day and for all eternity!
In what part of your life do you have the most difficulty remembering that you are to be a display of Christ’s glory? How will you remind yourself? Whom do you know that needs to see Christ’s glory? What will you do to help them see Him?
Suggested Songs: ARP1 “How Blessed the Man” or TPH461 “Blessed Are the Sons of God”

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