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2019.05.01 Hopewell @Home ▫ Joshua 24:29-33

Questions for Littles: What title is Joshua given in Joshua 24:29? What happened to him? How old was he? Within the border of what place did they bury him (Joshua 24:30)? What did Israel do for all of the days of Joshua (Joshua 24:31)? For whom else’s days did Israel do this? What had all of these people known? Whose bones does Joshua 24:32 talk about? From where had they brought them up? To where did they bring them? Who died in Joshua 24:33? Where was he buried?
The theme of the book of Joshua has been how not one of God’s good words to His people have fallen to the ground. Every single one of His promises has been kept. So, it might seem odd at first that the book closes with four funerals.

But these funerals each indicate the promises that have been kept. Joshua is buried in his inheritance. Joseph is buried in the inheritance of his children. Eleazar is buried in the his son Phinehas’s inheritance. Joshua and Eleazar had been born slaves in Egypt. Joseph had been sold as a slave into Egypt. Here they are, buried in the land of promise—not by families that are strangers in the land, as Abraham was unto his death, but by families that possess their land.

But there is more here. There is the spiritual salvation of a people who “served Yahweh all the days of Joshua, and the elders who outlived Joshua.” Think about what Israel was under Moses. Think about what Israel was under the Judges, and through just about the entire kingdom period. This could very well be the longest period of faithfulness among the people of God in the Old Testament! If not the longest, then it is certainly one of them. That is also a glorious display of the faithfulness and mercy of God. If I had to choose between inheritance and godliness, then may the Lord grant unto me godliness, for He is our inheritance!

So, there’s inheritance. And there’s godliness. Finally, there is also resurrection. Genesis and Joshua both close with a little bit of a fuss over Joseph’s bones. What’s the big deal? Why is he so insistent upon what happens with his used endoskeleton? Because he’s not done with it yet! Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph looked forward to a better country that they would not inherit without us (cf. Hebrews 11). The best is yet to come. Jesus is worthy of everlasting blessings, both heavenly and earthly, and we shall receive them all—together with Him Himself!
Of inheritance, godliness, and resurrection, to which do you most need to be reminded to look forward? How will you remind yourself? 
Suggested songs: ARP73C “Yet Constantly, I Am with You” or TPH446 “Be Thou My Vision”

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