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2019.05.31 Hopewell @Home ▫ John 13:1-17

Questions for Littles: What did Jesus know had come (John 13:1)? What had He done up until this point? Up until what point did He continue to do it? What had ended in John 13:2? What had the devil already done? But what did Jesus know that the Father had done (John 13:3)? What did He know about where He came from? What did He know about where He was going? What did He begin to do in John 13:4-5? Who questioned Him about it in John 13:6? What did Jesus say that Peter could not yet do (John 13:7)? How does Peter respond to that (John 13:8)? But what does Jesus say Peter cannot have without being washed by Him? Now, what does Peter want washed in John 13:9? What explanation does Jesus give for not needing to have more washed in John 13:10? How does John 13:10-11 show that He is especially talking about spiritual cleansing? In what way are believers cleansed already in this life? In what way do they still need to be cleansed? What question does Jesus ask in John 13:12? What does He affirm in John 13:13? What does He say they ought to do for one another in John 13:14? What has He given us (John 13:15a)? So that we would do what? If we do not humble ourselves to service, Whom are we claiming to surpass in greatness (John 13:16)? Who, among those who know these things, are blessed (John 13:17)?
Truly knowing who Jesus is will lead to self-denying service of others.

It’s pretty amazing to read just what it was that led Christ to “gird Himself with a towel.”

He knew that His hour had come. He was about to go to the cross, rise again, and ascend into heaven to sit down at the right hand of the majesty on high. So, what does He do? Take off his good clothes and assume the towel-garment of a foot-washing servant.

He knew that the Father had given all things into His hands. So, what does He do? He takes a water basin into those all-authoritative hands.

He knows that He has come from God. That is to say: He knows that He is the everlasting God, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, that there was no time when He was not, that He is very God of very God. So what does He do? He begins washing the dirt off of the feet of dirt-beings.

He knows that He is going to God. That is to say: He knows that He is about to take His seat on the throne, even in His human nature. So what does He do? Kneel before a bunch of dirty sinners, one-by-one.

Peter didn’t know the greatness of the things in our little list above, but even he knew that this was way beneath Jesus. If only he wasn’t stupid enough to blurt something out immediately after Jesus had told him that he wasn’t able to understand it yet.

But the amazing thing here is Christ. He knew that this was infinitely beneath Him. But He also knew that it was absolutely necessary for us. We need Him to cleanse us from sin’s guilt at the cross. We need Him to stoop down into our lives and cleanse us from sin’s presence.

Why does He do so? Love. That’s the John 13:1 answer. He loved them to the end. He loved them enough to wash feet. But that was just the tip of the massive iceberg of cross-bearing love. And that’s the model that He left for us. Not just to “know” stuff. But to be like Him, and respond to what we know by Christ-loving, brethren-loving self-sacrificial love!
Where do you learn more about Jesus? What do you do with what you learn?
Suggested songs: ARP2 “Why Do Gentile Nations Rage?” or TPH463 “O the Deep Love of Jesus”

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