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Read Judges 5
Questions for Littles: Who are singing in Judges 5:1? In the song, who was leading Israel in Judges 5:2? What did the people do? Who gets the praise for this? To whom is Judges 5:3 addressed? What are they supposed to listen to? Whose vigorous action is described in Judges 5:4-5? What was life in Israel like in Judges 5:6-7? How had Israel responded (Judges 5:8)? What other verse does Judges 5:9 sound like? What do Judges 5:10-12 say to do about the righteous acts of Yahweh? What details of the battle are given in Judges 5:13-23? Who is blessed in Judges 5:24-27? Who is mocked in Judges 5:28-30? Who must perish (Judges 5:31)? What will happen to those who love God? 
Israel learns to sing about the Lord’s righteous acts in this passage. The song starts off with a very vigorous description of the action of Yahweh in Judges 5:4-5. He’s not just going to battle. He’s ruling and shaking heaven and earth. He’s not just the “God of Israel.” He is “Sinai”—referring to when He burned and shook the mountain.

Israel was a mixed bag. It’s ironic that Barak would get to sing about leaders willingly leading, since he was such a coward. But, Ephraim, Machir, Zebulun, Issachar, and Naphtali did alright for their part. On the other hand, Reuben thought hard about helping, but decided to stay home with the flocks. Dan and Asher were too busy with their business on ships and the coast.

When the battle details themselves surface in the song, it sets us up for a big comparison/contrast of two women. Jael, Mrs. Heber, is the most blessed among women. The description of her execution of Sisera is a slow motion, blow-by-blow, hero story. Jael is contrasted with the mother of Sisera. Mommy is waiting by the window trying to figure out why it’s taking him so long to come home from what was supposed to be a light day of mopping up Israelites.

What is it that produces such a contrast? Judges 5:31 give us the answer. The Lord takes sides. But having the Lord on your side doesn’t just turn you into a tent peg wielding assassin. That was kind of specific to Jael. But when verse 31 generalizes, it gives us a different single symptom of Yahweh befriending someone: He makes that person to love Him. And that’s just the beginning. Once He starts the work, it’s like the early dawn sunrise: it is the guarantee of a love for God that will surely reach full strength!
Where does love for God come from? Then how can you get more?
Suggested songs: ARP32A-B “What Blessedness” or TPH428 “Tis Not I That Did Choose Thee”

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