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2019.06.22 Hopewell @Home ▫ Genesis 12:10-20

Questions for Littles: What happened in the land (Genesis 12:10)? What did Abram do? Why? Where was he in Genesis 12:11? To whom did Abram speak? What did he tell her that he knows? Whom did he think would see her (Genesis 12:12)? What did he think they would do to him? What did Abram ask Sarai to do (Genesis 12:13)? What did he hope would happen? Where did Abram arrive in Genesis 12:14? What did the Egyptians see? Which Egyptians saw her in Genesis 12:15? What did they think? Whom did they tell? What happened to her? How did Pharaoh treat Abram (Genesis 12:16)? Why? What did Abram end up possessing? What did Yahweh do to Pharaoh in Genesis 12:17? Because of whom? Of what does verse 17 remind us about Sarai? Whom did Pharaoh call in Genesis 12:18? What does Pharaoh ask him (Genesis 12:18-19)? What does Pharaoh tell Abram to do? What does Pharaoh command his men to do to Abram (Genesis 12:20)?
If Genesis 12:4-9 showed us Abram’s faith, these verses show that he is still flawed.

A moment ago, Abram was believing that Yahweh would give the land of Canaan to his offspring, even though it was humanly impossible for him even to have offspring at that time. Now, he’s not trusting Yahweh to feed him in a severe famine.

A moment ago, Abram was believing that Yahweh would take care of him in a new land. Now, Abram is in another new land, but rather than trusting in Yahweh, he’s hatching a plan not only for himself to lie, but for his wife to tell a lie that would cause him to be an adulterer.

It had to be humiliating for the generation that first received the book of Genesis from Moses’s pen. They had just been delivered from Egypt through the various hardenings of that Pharaoh’s immoral heart. But, here in Genesis 12, they read about a previous Pharaoh having to rebuke Abram. God grant to us to be humble about ourselves and our earthly heroes!

But God also grant to us to be amazed at Him and adore Him. He protects Sarai from committing adultery. He enriches Abram. He humbles Pharaoh. And He does this all while Abram is in in the midst of sin. How powerful and merciful is our God!
In what situations that you have messed up has the Lord done good to you?
Suggested Songs: ARP90A “Lord, You Have Been” or TPH234 “The God of Abram Praise”

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