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Read Judges 6
Questions for Littles: What did the children of Israel do in Judges 6:1? How did the Lord respond? What was the oppression of the Midianites and Amalekites like (Judges 6:2-6)? What does the Lord first send in response to Israel’s crying out (Judges 6:7-10)? What was Gideon doing in the winepress and why (Judges 6:11)? Who appeared to him (Judges 6:11-12)? What did He tell Gideon? How does Gideon respond (Judges 6:13)? Whom do Judges 6:14 and Judges 6:16 identify as the Angel of the Lord? How does the Lord answer Gideon’s complaint (Judges 6:14)? And what is Gideon’s response (Judges 6:15)? What is the Lord’s answer to this second complaint (Judges 6:16)? What does Gideon ask for in Judges 6:17? What does he propose to do in Judges 6:18? What does Gideon do in Judges 6:19-20? How does the “Angel” receive the sacrifice (Judges 6:21)? Then what does He do? What does Gideon do when he realizes what has just happened (Judges 6:22)? Of what does the Lord then assure him (Judges 6:23)? What does Gideon finally build in Judges 6:24? What two things does the Lord tell Gideon to tear down in Judges 6:25? What does He tell him to build in Judges 6:26? How many men does Gideon take just to do this (Judges 6:27)? What does he still do out of fear? How do the men of the city respond in the morning (Judges 6:28-30)? Who has to stick up for Gideon against them (Judges 6:31-32)? What does Gideon’s dad say? Who gathered in Judges 6:33? Who came upon Gideon in Judges 6:34? Who gathered to him (Judges 6:34-35)? Even after this, what does Gideon ask in Judges 6:36-37? What does God do (Judges 6:38)? What does Gideon still ask, even after this (Judges 6:39)? What does God do (Judges 6:40)?
“You have not obeyed my voice.” The Lord flat out tells them why all this is coming upon them in Judges 6:10. We would not be out of line to expect total destruction to fall upon them for that.

Instead, the Angel of Yahweh (who also turns out to be Yahweh Himself) shows up to appoint a rather reluctant savior. Gideon’s hospitable, at first, but not believing or worshipful. It isn’t until the Lord consumes the meal with unnatural fire that Gideon realizes that it really is the Lord. By then, it is too late, and Gideon freaks out, because he knows that he deserves to die.

Still, it takes a direct command from Yahweh to get Gideon to tear down false worship and build a true altar to the true God. And even with that, he amasses a little army of men to do it with him, and does it only under cover of night. We find ourselves thinking that God could hardly have chosen a more ill-equipped deliverer for Israel.

Amazingly, the man who was so afraid of men seems rather bold with God. Complaining not once but twice. Demanding a sign not once but twice. It’s quite shocking, really, how bold he is to display that he is not taking God at His Word.

That Word really ought to have been enough. “Surely, I will be with you” (Judges 6:16), and “[My] peace will be with you” (Judges 6:23). What more could one ask for? Well, Gideon asked for more. But, he becomes a Scripture-mirror in which we can see what our own hearts are like when we question God or make demands of Him.

But we are not the only ones (or the main ones) that we see in this Scripture. Behold the patience of God with His unbelieving, unfaithful servant! Since He owes us absolutely nothing, let us be amazed at every extra comfort and assurance that He gives us!
In what situation are you tempted to doubt that God is accomplishing good for you?
Suggested songs: ARP11 “My Trust Is in the Lord” or TPH256 “God Moves in a Mysterious Way”

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