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Read Psalm 47
Questions for Littles: To whose attention is this Psalm addressed? Who wrote it? For what purpose, then, do these things remind us that this Psalm was written? What two commands are given in Psalm 47:1? To whom does verse 1 address these commands? In what age would “all you peoples” be part of the church? What about Yahweh’s character is cause for this clapping and shouting (Psalm 47:2a)? What about Yahweh’s status is cause for this clapping and shouting (verse 2b)? Over whom is He King? What will Yahweh do to the peoples (the ones praising Him for doing it!) in relation to Israel (Psalm 47:3)? What will He choose for Israel (Psalm 47:4a)? What does verse 4b call that inheritance? What has God done in Psalm 47:5? With what sounds? How many times are we commanded to God’s praises in Psalm 47:6-7? Whose King is He in verse 6? Whose King is He in verse Psalm 47:8a? With what does verse 7 say to sing this praise? Where is God sitting (verse 8b)? Who are gathered in Psalm 47:9? Whose people are they? What does God call Himself in verse 9? Who is “the shields of the earth”? Who has lifted Himself up exceedingly? 
This week’s Call to Worship, Prayer for Help, Song of Adoration, and Confession of Sin, came from Psalm 47. The Psalm is addressed to the Chief Musician, reminding us that it is to be sung under his leadership in the gathered worship of God’s people. So, it may seem strange at first that it is ALL peoples who are commanded to clap their hands and shout to God with the voice of triumph.

Triumph by all peoples? Aren’t these the same peoples who are “subdued under us” in Psalm 47:3? Aren’t these the nations that are “subdued under our feet”?

Well, just as Romans 9 teaches us that not all Israel is Israel, so there is also a sense in which not all the nations are the nations. There are those from every tongue, tribe, people, and nation who end up being inheritors with Jacob (Psalm 47:4). And there are those who end up subdued under the feet of the inheritors.

Notice what those inheritors are called in Psalm 47:9: “the people of the God of Abraham.” Either you are one who claps your hands over Abraham’s God, or you are under Abraham’s feet. Either you are one who shouts to Abraham’s God with triumph, or you are under Abraham’s feet. Either you rejoice that Yahweh is awesome, because He is both “great King over all the earth” (Psalm 47:2Psalm 47:9) and “our King” (Psalm 47:6), or you are under Abraham’s feet.

Either you are under Abraham’s feet, under the feet of all who inherit with Jacob, yes under the feet of Jesus Christ (cf. Ps 110); or, you sing praises, sing praises, sing praises, sing praises, sing praises (five times in Psalm 47:6-7)! In which group are you?
What place in your life do you give to singing God’s praise and learning His commands? At what times do you do these? How do they shape the rest of life?
Suggested songs: ARP47 “All Nations, Clap Your Hands” or TPH47A “O Clap Your Hands”

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