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2019.07.20 Hopewell @Home ▫ Genesis 15:1-6

Questions for Littles: What came to Abram and when (Genesis 15:1)? What did He tell Abram NOT to do? What two things did He promise to be unto Abram? What reason does Abram give in Genesis 15:2 for this not being as good news to him as it could be? What does Abram say that God has not given him (Genesis 15:3)? What is said (again!) to come to Abram in Genesis 15:4? What does Yahweh say about Eliezer? What does He say about the one who will be Abram’s heir? Where does the Lord bring Abram in Genesis 15:5? Where does He tell Abram to look? What does He tell Abram to try to do? What does He say to Abram about his ability to number the stars? How does Abram respond to Yahweh in Genesis 15:6? What is accounted to Abram through this believing? 
In the previous passage we heard about how, in order to equip Abram to take a bold stand before the king of Sodom, the Lord sent Melchizedek to prophesy to Abram that his blessing and deliverance came from God Most High. But this was not just a one-time message needed for an occasion in Abram’s life.

Now, the word of Yahweh comes to Abram and speaks in Genesis 15:1. And the word of Yahweh comes to Abram again and speaks in Genesis 15:4. It almost seems from the text that the Word of Yahweh is a Person—and indeed that is exactly how John the Evangelist presents Him in John 1. Here, then, is the second passage in a row where God the Son is presenting Himself to Abram for his faith.

This time, rather than merely telling Abram that his blessing and deliverance come from God Most High, the Word of Yahweh tells Abram that his blessing and deliverance IS Yahweh. What a Shield! What a Reward!

There’s just one problem for Abram. How long will he get to enjoy his inheritance, and who will inherit it after him? To him, the answer seems to be “not long, and Eliezer of Damascus.”

In response, the Word appears to Abram again with a doubly amazing message. The first message is about his Heir—singular. There is one Descendant of Abram who is the focus of God’s promise to be Abram’s Shield and Reward. Ultimately, it is faith in this promised One through which Abram is counted righteous.

The other part of the amazing message isn’t about the one Heir but the many descendants. Not only will Jesus be coming from Abram’s own body, but Abram will have a multitude of seed that is as impossible to count as the stars in the sky! We know from the rest of Scripture that this promise is about those of the faith of Abram, not those of the flesh of Abram. Those who also believe in Jesus, the great Heir of Abram, the One in whom God Himself is our Shield and exceedingly great Reward. Is this your hope—that in Jesus Christ, God Himself is Yours?
What are you tempted to view as your shield instead of God? As your reward?
Suggested Songs: ARP73C “Yet Constantly I Am with You” or TPH446 “Be Thou My Vision”

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