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Monday, August 12, 2019

2019.08.12 Hopewell @Home ▫ Genesis 16

Questions for Littles: Who is the primary subject of  Genesis 16:1? Whose wife is she? What has she not done? What does she possess? To whom does Sarai speak in Genesis 16:2? What explanation does she give for not having borne children? What solution does she come up with? What does verse 2 say that Abram did? Who is, again, the main subject in Genesis 16:3? How long had Abram dwelt in Canaan? What happened when he followed Sarai’s advice (Genesis 16:4)? When she had conceived, what happened to Sarai in her eyes? Whom does Sarai blame for her becoming despised (Genesis 16:5)? What does she call for to happen? What does Abram say in Genesis 16:6? What does he permit Sarai to do? How does Sarai treat Hagar? What does Hagar do, when she is treated badly? Who intervenes in Genesis 16:7? Where does He find her? What does He call her in Genesis 16:8? What does He ask her? What answer does she give? What two things does the Angel of Yahweh command her in Genesis 16:9? What does He promise her in Genesis 16:10? What does He tell her about her baby in Genesis 16:11? What does He command her to do to her baby? Why? What does He tell her about her baby in Genesis 16:12? What does Hagar call Him in Genesis 16:13? What was the well called (Genesis 16:14)? Where is it? What does Hagar do in Genesis 16:15? What does Abram do? From where would he have learned to name the boy this? How old was Abram when Ishmael was born (Genesis 16:16)?
God’s ordinary way just doesn’t seem to be  working, and unbelief displays itself in multiple ways. Sarai’s unbelief displays itself by her taking charge. For her, waiting and trusting have their limits, and now it’s time to jump into action and get creative. Abram’s unbelief displays itself by giving in, getting lazy, failing to lead. Even Hagar’s unbelief is on display—in this case by rebelling against authority and by running away from her situation.

The Lord addresses the weakest of the three—Hagar—and makes yet another great promise. He is not discouraged by the passage of time, and He is not even limited by their unbelief, which He announces that He will overcome!

And we who have the cross to hold onto have the best evidence of all that the Lord will most certainly overcome all obstacles to do His good will toward us.
In what areas of life do God’s ordinary ways not seem to be working for you? Which of the patterns of unbelief in this passage seem to be your particular temptation in this area? How can you know that the Lord will fulfill His good will toward you?
Suggested Songs: ARP23 “The Lord’s My Shepherd” or TPH256 “God Moves in a Mysterious”

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