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Friday, November 15, 2019

2019.11.15 Hopewell @Home ▫ John 20:26-31

Questions from the Scripture text: For how many days had Christ been resurrected in John 20:26? Who was with the disciples this time? What was the condition of the doors? What does Jesus say to them, when He appears? To whom does He speak in John 20:27? What does He invite him to do with his hand? What does He command him to do with his heart? How does Thomas respond in John 20:28? What does Jesus identify as the instrumental cause of Thomas believing (John 20:29)? Whom does Jesus say are blessed? What else had Jesus done (John 20:30)? Why are the specific signs selected to be included in this gospel? (John 20:31)? What will be the result of their believing? 
It’s another Lord’s Day (the 8th day-seven days after the first), and another locked door, behind which there is another gathering of the disciples. The risen Lord Jesus teleports in, or walks through the wall, or whatever it is that His glorified body is able to do. And again, He greets them with that wonderful announcement, “Peace to you!”

We assume that the reason the door is still shut is for fear of the Jews (cf. John 20:19), but truly, what is there to fear if Christ, by His blood, has made peace with God for you?!

This time, Thomas is there. And Thomas is not at peace yet. He’s demanded more evidence. So, Jesus immediately turns to Thomas and invites him to do exactly what he has demanded. It’s at this point that Thomas realizes how wrong he was to make the demand, and offers worship instead, “my Lord, and my God!”

This is exactly what we are to believe about Christ. That the One who died and rose again is God Himself, who took on flesh in order to do so for us. Jesus says that Thomas came to this conclusion by encountering the risen Lord with his eyes. But, Christ also tells about others who overcome their demands, and humble themselves to worship Him as believers, without encountering Him through their eyes. “Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.”

It’s at this point that the evangelist tells us why the Holy Spirit has carried him along to put this book of the Bible together just as he has done. These specific signs were selected and recorded, because it is through these Words of Jesus that we are to come to believe that He is the Christ (the perfect and ultimate human Prophet, Priest, and King), the Son of God (who is God from all eternity before He adds this humanity to Himself).

God intends to give us life, and His Word is the means by which He brings us to faith in Christ—in Whom alone there is life, and life to the full.

So, as you read these things about Christ, are you reading about the One whom you know to be your life? And what are you believing about Him?
What should you be asking God to do for you, as you read His Word?
Suggested songs: ARP19B “The Lord’s Most Perfect Law” or TPH170 “God, in the Gospel of His Son”

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