Wednesday, January 29, 2020

2020.01.29 Prayer Meeting Folder

As we rotate through the different ways in which Holy Scripture teaches us to confess our sins, guided by Henry's Method for Prayer, tonight's special focus is on the Lord's great patience and long-suffering and willingness to be reconciled.

One thing that we begin to see in Scripture, when we realize the greatness of God's holiness, is how incomplete our repentance is, and how guilty and filthy before God is this incompleteness.

But Scripture has been given us not only that we might see ourselves truly, but especially that we would see God Himself truly. And the more we see of ourselves, the greater our opportunity to see how very great is our God's patience and long-suffering and willingness to be reconciled to sinners!!

Tonight at 6:30, you can join voices and hearts with us in this thanksgiving at Hopewell ARP Church. If you can't be there in body, you can use the attached pdf to pray along with us (or maybe to prepare for prayer before coming):

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