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Saturday, March 07, 2020

2020.03.07 Hopewell @Home ▫ Matthew 4:1-11

Questions from the Scripture text: Who led Jesus (Matthew 4:1)? To where? To have what happen? By whom? What had Jesus done (Matthew 4:2a), and what was His condition (verse 2b)? What did the devil question in Matthew 4:3? What did he tempt Christ to do? What did Jesus answer—what had God given Him (Matthew 4:4)? Where did the devil take Him in Matthew 4:5? What did he tempt Him to do (Matthew 4:6)? What did Jesus answer—what must we not do to God (Matthew 4:7)? Where did the devil take Him, and what did he show Him, in Matthew 4:8? What did he tempt Him to do (Matthew 4:9)? What did Jesus answer—Whom may we worship (Matthew 4:10)? What happened in Matthew 4:11?
Why would the Holy Spirit take Jesus into the wilderness? Because it was there that Jesus would accomplish everything that the devil unwittingly tried to get Him to do the wrong way.

Jesus showed Himself the true Son of God by holding to His Father’s Word, trusting His Father’s character, and being content with His Father’s provision.

Jesus brought ALL of God’s promises to fruition by NOT putting the Psalm 91 promises to the test.
Jesus earned His Messianic kingdom by perfectly keeping the first commandment and worshiping God only.

Where Adam had failed as “the son of God” (Luke 3:38) to be content with the food that he was given, and Israel in the wilderness had failed as God’s “firstborn son” (Exodus 4:22) to be content with the food that God had given them, or believe His promises, or worship Him only—the Lord Jesus Christ perfectly succeeded in all of these!

This is the righteousness that is counted for us in Christ and makes us perfectly right with Christ. This is the righteousness in which God is growing us, as He continues (and will complete) the work of making us perfectly like Christ. This is the righteousness that God commands us as citizens of His kingdom, and beloved children who are to bear the family resemblance: Be content with His provision, confident in His faithfulness to His promises, and committed to His glory alone in all things.

Praise God—Jesus has done this as the Representative of all who trust in Him!
In which of the three temptation areas in this passage do you most struggle? What difference does it make to you that Jesus has done it? If you believe in Him, what is He doing in you?
Suggested songs: ARP32AB “What Blessedness” or TPH459 “My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less”

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