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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

2020.03.10 Hopewell @Home ▫ Isaiah 9:6–7

Questions from the Scripture text: What event will bring strife and oppression among God’s people to an end (Isaiah 9:6)? Who will be born to whom? What is done with the Son? Where will the government be? What kind of Counselor will He be? What kind of God? What kind of Father? What kind of Prince?  
Next week’s Call to Worship, Prayer for Help, and Song of Adoration come from Isaiah 9:6–7 in order to sing God’s thoughts after Him with To Us a Child of Hope Is Born.

In this section of Isaiah, the Lord has been rebuking His people. They have conducted themselves wickedly before the Lord, and nations are about to crush them for it.

What will be the solution? Not the sage advice of an aged man but a baby boy whose name is Wonderful Counselor. Not a showy display of human strength but a baby boy whose name is Mighty God.

When God brought Israel out of Egypt and transplanted and cultivated them as with a wild vine, He had called Israel “My firstborn son.” But in the entire history of the nation, their best moments of viewing God as Father have been very poor and very rare. Now, God is promising a baby boy who will be called Everlasting Father.

Indeed, the birth of this Son will bring in a kingdom whose authority and protection are so perfect that their continual increase will be a cause of peace rather than misery or strife for His people. And this kingdom will be forever!

Only God Himself has in Himself wisdom or strength to save. And He has fulfilled this Word by giving His Son to be that baby Boy: Christ is unto us the power of God and the wisdom of God!
In what situation do you need power and wisdom? Who must be those for you? How?
Suggested songs: ARP72ABC “God, Give Your Judgments…” or TPH306 “To Us a Child of Hope Is Born”

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