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Friday, March 27, 2020

2020.03.27 Hopewell @Home ▫ Luke 3:15–20

Questions from the Scripture text: What were the people reasoning expectantly about in Luke 3:15? With what did John say he was baptizing them (Luke 3:16)? What did he say about the One who was coming? Of what was John not worthy? With what would this mightier One baptize? What is in His hand (Luke 3:17)? What does John call the ones that the mightier One would gather to Himself? What would He do to the rest? What did John continue to do (Luke 3:18)? Whom had he rebuked (Luke 3:19a)? What had Herod done (verse 19b)? What was his worst evil (Luke 3:20)?
How important is repentance? There is no salvation without it.

Of course, salvation is not by what we do, but only by what Jesus has done. He alone offers up that perfect obedience that can be counted as our righteousness. He alone offers up that sacrifice that can atone—and fully atones—for our sin and guilt. And He alone can give us life to believe in Him, and the cleansing necessary to come into our final inheritance. He baptizes with the Spirit and with fire.

John makes this clear when distinguishing himself from the Christ. John baptizes with water. Only the mightier One—the One whose sandals John is not worthy to untie—can give the needed baptism to save.

It is very important for us to see that Jesus’s salvation does not save everyone. Luke 3:17 is abundantly clear on that point. This is connected to the repentance that John preached (Luke 3:18, cf. Luke 3:3Luke 3:8). For, only the Lord Jesus can grant repentance by His power (cf. Acts 11:18). Though repentance itself does not save, all whom He saves do repent.

This begs the most important question for you: have you repented? Have you turned from trusting self to trusting Christ? Have you turned from serving self to serving Christ? If not—or if you’re not sure—the solution is the same: cry out to the mightier One whose sandal straps John was unworthy to loosen. Jesus is the Christ. He will save you by His Spirit. He will grant unto you repentance and faith, and He will gather You to Himself instead of burning you with the unquenchable fire!
In what ways are you still trusting yourself? In what ways still serving yourself?
Suggested songs: ARP32AB “What Blessedness” or TPH557 “Great King of Nations”

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