Saturday, March 28, 2020

Help from Wise Pastors as You Think Through COVID

There are many voices offering many opinions on this subject, and we are prone just to get thinking in one direction, commit to it emotionally, and then filter all information and opinion by the side toward which we have built that psycho-emotional inertia.

It may help filter out the cacophany of voices to listen to a few, wise, trusted voices highlight various principles, priorities, and datapoints, as we think through the issue:

Over at his own personal blog, our Pastor has linked to a helpful podcast on the topic by Dr. Pipa, along with some supplemental thoughts from our Pastor himself.

Dr. Beeke has commended this discussion between pastors from the NCFIC.

Additionally, here are some links commended to us in this week's Hopewell Herald:

Smooth Stones from a Babbling Brook
(Internet links of the week)
▪ Worshiping during plague, and the spread of disease, was once something with which the church was acquainted and more theologically (and medically, ironically, in some cases) informed. I'd encourage you to read through this list of doctrinally sound and spiritually wise statements at ReformedBooksOnline. I'm not a big fan of Joel McDurmon (he tends to make mistakes like calling George Gillespie a theonomist, rather than a general equity Westminsterian), but if there's just too much on that page, you might read through just the briefer selections that he made from the reformedbooksonline page.
▪ A very good follow-up to this past Lord’s Day’s sermon is this sermon preached on March 18 by Pastor Robert McCurley. It is a word in season, and I urge you all to listen to it with hearts open unto God and His Word.
▪ Also, though I have linked you to it before, I continue to urge you to listen to this sermon preached by Sinclair Ferguson, if you haven’t yet. The Lord’s focus in His works in history is upon His church, and we must heed His Word if we are to learn from His recent actions and respond rightly to Him.
▪ Dr. Pipa, reflecting upon current events in light of Scripture, gives us six suggestions for what to do in times like these when the Lord roars like a lion.

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