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Monday, April 20, 2020

2020.04.20 Hopewell @Home ▫ Genesis 24:59–67

Questions from the Scripture text: Whom does Bethuel’s household send away in Genesis 24:59 (cf. Genesis 24:61)? Whom does Bethuel’s household bless in  Genesis 24:60? What blessing do they give her? Where was Isaac in  Genesis 24:62? What was he doing in  Genesis 24:63? What did he see? Who sees him in  Genesis 24:64, and what does she do? What had she asked in  Genesis 24:65? What did the servant say? What did she do? What does the servant tell Isaac in  Genesis 24:66? Where does Isaac bring her ( Genesis 24:67)? What does she become? What does he do for her? What does she do for him?   
God cannot change; He exists in an eternally perfect simplicity—an eternal, simple perfection. Therefore, He does nothing partially or by halves. He exerts all of who He is, all the time, in every action.

This is high theology that can bring us deep comfort, when we consider the closing portion of Genesis 24. God is bringing Isaac a wife who will comfort him in the loss of his mother. And He is doing so in the same love and wisdom and power in which He is bringing, through Isaac, Christ into the world to save sinners, that they may be the adopted children of God!

We are reminded that, with such a God as this, we don’t have to choose between eternal, gospel comforts and detailed situational comforts. What is He doing in my life right now? Whatever is necessary to produce in me the holiness that will both qualify me to enter into, and equip me to enjoy, the perfect blessedness that is mine in Christ!

But I have specific pains, specific griefs. And God is also addressing those. Giving me fellowship with Himself in them by prayer and the sympathy of Christ. Arranging events to produce good that has not even occurred to me at this point, and other good that I may never even discover. He is clothing flowers, and feeding birds—not one of whom falls to the ground apart from Him. But I am His adopted child in a way that they are not, and He has numbered the hairs on my head. He knows everything I need before I ask, but He loves to display Himself as a Father who is interested in hearing my voice, and responds with compassion and mercy. He has given me the privilege of my prayers being the occasion that “moves” (as it were) His almighty hand.

How blessed, then, are the prayers and efforts of believers! Here, we see Isaac out in the field in the evening, strolling and meditating. His prayers are joining in the work of God’s almighty love and wisdom and power. Here, we see the long, strenuous effort of Abraham’s servant coming to fruition. His efforts are joining in the work of God’s almighty love and wisdom and power to bring a wife for one of His sons and a husband for one of his daughters.
Dear Christian, are you growing weary in long-offered prayers or prolonged and strenuous work? Look at the cross in which we have the greatest display of God’s love and wisdom and power toward you! And know that in your prayers and your efforts, you are participating in a work of that same love and wisdom and power. For what are you in danger of wearying as you pray and work? What can refresh you in this? 
Suggested Songs: ARP45B “Daughter, Incline Your Ear” or TPH128 “Blessed the Man That Fears Jehovah”

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