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2020.05.04 Hopewell @Home ▫ Genesis 25:19–26

Questions from the Scripture text: Whose “genealogy” is this (Genesis 25:19)? How old is Isaac in Genesis 25:20? How does verse 20 identify Rebekah? What does Genesis 25:21 tell us that Isaac did for her? Why? How does Yahweh respond? What is happening within Rebekah in Genesis 25:22? How does she feel about this? How does she respond? What does Yahweh say are in her womb (Genesis 25:23)? What does He say will happen to them when they come out? How will they relate? And who will serve who? What days are completed in Genesis 25:24? What were there in her womb? How does the first come out (Genesis 25:25)? What do they call him? What does the brother do when he comes out in Genesis 25:26? What do they call him?  How old is Isaac at this point?
Our Lord reveals much about Himself in this passage.

First, He saves and chooses according to His good pleasure. Salvation is by His promise, not by man’s effort or choice. This is how the Holy Spirit Himself explains Genesis 25:23 in Romans 9:12.

Second, He often chooses that which is lesser and weak in order that all of the glory would be His alone. Jacob’s name, as much as his birth order, highlights God’s grace because it testifies to his sinful character.

Third, although He sovereignly rules and overrules in all things, He has ordained to do so in response to prayer. Isaac prays for his wife for 20 years, and Rebekah cries out in her despair, and the Lord listens to both. God glorifies not only His goodness by listening to the cries of His children but also His knowledge by bringing us to a realization of our need and His power by supplying our need.

Since we have a God who saves entirely because He is good, let us worship Him for salvation. And since we have a God who saves entirely by His grace, let us trust Him only (not trusting at all in our intentions or goodness or strength) and let us trust Him entirely (having an unshakeable confidence in this salvation, precisely because it depends upon Him rather than ourselves). And since we have a God who glorifies Himself and does us good through hearing and answering our prayers, let us be often in prayer to Him, and always with a view toward bringing Him glory.
How is God glorified in saving you? What are you praying for? How does this glorify Him?
Suggested songs: ARP65A “Praise Awaits You, God” or TPH65C “Praise Waits for Thee in Zion”

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