Tuesday, May 05, 2020

2020.05.05 Hopewell @Home ▫ Revelation 5

Questions from the Scripture text: What did the One on the throne have in Revelation 5:1? What question does the strong angel ask in Revelation 5:2? What was Revelation 5:3’s answer to the question? How did John respond to this (Revelation 5:4)? Whom did the elder say had prevailed to be able to do it (Revelation 5:5)? When John looks for this Lion in Revelation 5:6, what does he see? What does the Lamb come and take in Revelation 5:7? What had Jesus taken in Revelation 5:8? What do the four living creatures and twenty-four elders do when they see this? What does verse 8 call Jesus? What does a harp represent? What does the verse tell us the bowls of incense represent? What kind of song did they sing in Revelation 5:9? What did they say Jesus was worthy to do? Why do they say that He is worthy? What has Jesus made out of those whom He has redeemed (Revelation 5:10)? What does John see in Revelation 5:11? How many angels were there? What were they saying in Revelation 5:12? With what kind of voice? How many of the creatures in heaven were doing so (Revelation 5:13)? How many of those on the earth? How many of those under the earth? How many of those in the sea? To whom were they shouting this blessing and honor and glory and power? What did the four living creatures say in Revelation 5:14? What did the twenty-four elders do? What does verse 14 call Jesus?
Next week’s Call to Worship, Prayer for Help, and Confession of Sin come from Revelation 5 in order to sing God’s thoughts after Him with Sing, Choirs of New Jerusalem.

Every knee bows and every tongue confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord. Every knee and every tongue on earth. Every knee and every tongue in heaven.

No one else has the power to control all of history. And our Lord Jesus exercises this power to control in two infinitely important ways. First, He crushes His enemies. He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. He is the Root of David. He has prevailed. He has crushed the serpent’s head!

But the truly glorious thing is the way that He did this. As we quoted earlier from Philippians 2, perhaps you remembered how the serpent-crushing comes about: Jesus Christ, for whom equality with God was not something to be grasped, humbled Himself to become a man, and especially to die the death of the cross for our sins.

So, when John looks for this Lion that the elder has told him about in Revelation 5, what does he see? Not a Lion but a Lamb… and not just any Lamb, but a Lamb that appears that it has been slain!

It is this, specifically, Jesus’s saving us by shedding His blood for us, that makes heaven and earth explode with His praises! How have you, personally, responded to Jesus’s blood work?
What about Jesus and what He has done brings out your praise the most?
Suggested songs: ARP22A “My God, My God” or TPH358 “Sing Choirs of New Jerusalem”

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