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Friday, June 26, 2020

2020.06.26 Hopewell @Home ▫ Luke 6:20–26

Questions from the Scripture text: What did Jesus do with His eyes in Luke 6:20? Whom does He say are blessed in verse 20? Why? Who are blessed in Luke 6:21a? Why? Who are blessed in verse 21b? Why? Who are blessed in Luke 6:22-23? What kinds of things are done to them? Why? How should they respond? Why? Upon whom does Jesus pronounce woe in Luke 6:24? Why? Upon whom in Luke 6:25a? Why? Upon whom in verse 25b? Why? Upon whom in Luke 6:26? Why?
The objects of God’s blessing sound rather pitiable: poor, hungry, weeping, hated, excluded, cast out as evil. So much for “your best life now”!

But, it’s important to note that it is specifically disciples who are blessed in such a condition. Because it is specifically disciples who have the kingdom of God, who shall be filled forever, who shall laugh forever, to whom everything is done for the Son of Man’s sake, and who have a great reward in heaven.

But, there is a danger among the disciples. Even members of Christ’s church may be those who do not have these things, who do not ultimately find their blessedness in Christ. If we find our blessedness in wealth, fullness, entertainment, and praise, Jesus has a message for us: “Woe unto you!”

Are we willing to listen to that? Now, it is true that each of us finds too much love for those things in our hearts. But believers are bothered by this—and even bothered that we are not enough bothered by this!

But, if our idea of blessedness is in the current circumstances described in Luke 6:24-26, rather than the future circumstances (and current blessedness!) described in Luke 6:20-23, then let us heed the warning, and instead embrace Christ Himself as our blessedness…

… lest we discover to our horror that though among the disciples in this life (cf. verse 20a), we shall not find ourselves among them in the next.
What current troubles do you have? What does God use to remind us that He Himself is our current and eternal blessedness? What use are you making of His means to do so?
Suggested songs: ARP181 “God Our Only Good” or TPH464 “The Beatitudes”

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