Monday, June 29, 2020

2020.06.29 Hopewell @Home ▫ Genesis 29:1–12

Questions from the Scripture text: To where does Jacob come in Genesis 29:1? What does he see in Genesis 29:2? What would happen there (Genesis 29:3)? What kinds of things is he asking about in Genesis 29:4-6? What does he tell them to do, once they have identified Rachel to him (Genesis 29:7)? Why do they say that they can’t (Genesis 29:8)? What happens in Genesis 29:9? What does Jacob do (all by himself?!), when he sees Rachel (Genesis 29:10)? How does he respond to her personally in Genesis 29:11? What does he tell her in Genesis 29:12? Whom does she tell? What does Laban do in Genesis 29:13? How does Jacob answer him? What, then, does Laban say to Jacob in Genesis 29:14?
Jacob has achieved his objective. By God’s grace, he has come to Padan Aram and seen the daughter, sheep, and flock “of Laban his mother’s brother” (Genesis 29:10, cf. Genesis 27:43, Genesis 28:2).

It’s pretty amazing. He began the chapter, literally just trying to lift his feet, and he may not know it but all of the things that are here referred to as being “of Laban his mother’s brother” will eventually be his.

God’s plan was greater than could be hoped for from Jacob’s abilities or their circumstances. And truly the same is often true for believers now. God’s plan was greater than Jacob could have imagined. And truly the same is often true for believers now.

But, even for all the emphasis on Laban’s daughter and Laban’s flocks, God’s plan was infinitely more than to give them to Jacob. Because what God was doing through Jacob was bringing Christ into the world to save sinners. Yes, in earthly things God does in fact do all things well. But, the ultimate story of His peoples lives are how He is bringing them to Himself through faith in Christ, and how He is using them to bring others to Himself through faith in Christ.
What about your current circumstances doesn’t seem promising? Who is using them for what?
Suggested songs: ARP181 “God Our Only Good” or TPH256 “God Moves in a Mysterious way”

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