Tuesday, June 30, 2020

2020.06.30 Hopewell @Home ▫ Psalm 85

Read Psalm 85
Questions from the Scripture text: For what purpose was this Psalm written (superscript)? What historical work had the Lord done (Psalm 85:1)? What did this mean that He had done toward His people’s sin (Psalm 85:2)? What did it mean that He had done toward His own anger (Psalm 85:3)? What do His people need again in their current situation (Psalm 85:4-5)? What do they need the Lord to do to them (Psalm 85:6a)? So that they can do what (verse 6b)? What do they ask to see (Psalm 85:7a)?  What do they ask to receive (verse 7b)? What do they hope to hear (Psalm 85:8)? From what do they hope that this will keep them? Of what are they confident (Psalm 85:9a)? Why is His salvation near (verse 9b)? What meet together in Psalm 85:10a? What kiss in verse 10b? From where do what things come in Psalm 85:11? Who gives all of this (Psalm 85:12a)? What, even, responds (verse 12b)? How, then, will He conduct Himself (Psalm 85:13a)? How, then, will we conduct ourselves (verse 13b)?
Next week’s Call to Worship, Prayer for Help, and Confession of Sin come from Psalm 85 in order that we will see that we are singing God’s thoughts after Him with The Lord Will Come and Not Be Slow.

God has given us a great privilege to address Him in prayer. At the heart of this Psalm, in Psalm 85:4–7, is a raw, urgent crying out for mercy, for God to relent from His disciplinary hand upon His people.

The Psalm reflects upon how this request is in keeping with God’s glorious and gracious forgiving character (Psalm 85:1-3). But, apparently they have been turning back to folly (end of Psalm 85:8), and times of painful discipline have fallen upon them again.

But there is a greater privilege even than speaking to God. It is to have God speak to us. The transition point is when the psalmist says, “I will hear what God, Yahweh, will speak” (verse 8a).  Ultimately, what God speaks here (and, ultimately, what God speaks in Scripture as a whole) is the gospel: mercy and truth and righteousness and peace all being in agreement about saving sinners (Psalm 85:10-11).

This is the glory of Christ and His cross: that through Him and through sinners’ faith in Him, God can be both just and the justifier of sinners (cf. Romans 3:26). In this way, the righteous God can keep being righteous (Psalm 85:13a), while mercifully counting sinners righteous and then transforming them in the way of righteousness (verse 13b)
When do you avail yourself of the privilege of speaking to God? And of hearing Him?
Suggested songs: ARP85B “I’ll Hear What God, the Lord, Will Say” or TPH85 “You Were Pleased to Show”

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